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Asphalt and Paving Overview


Bobcat compact track loaders offer you greater drive torque control for best grading performance. The Bobcat track undercarriage is designed for superior grading by eliminating “grade bounce” to keep your attachment’s cutting edge at a constant elevation. Tracks also extend your working season by keeping you going in soft, wet and even muddy soil conditions.

Our rugged compact track loaders give you more durability and less downtime with features such as all-steel rollers and idlers, and exclusive C-pattern tread. Options such as Selectable Joystick Controls with Speed Management increase your grading performance — especially in tight areas. Add the laser-guided grader for laser-precise grades in one pass. Bobcat laser precision puts a crown on a road without stakes, hubs or stringlines. Laser-Guided Box Blade grades walking paths and driveways with laser precision.

Get to final grade in less time. Minimize your passes. Lower your labor costs. And build your profits. All with Bobcat equipment giving you so much more versatility than single-purpose machines and that puts you ahead of schedule.


Off with the old, on with the new, in less time. A Bobcat planer makes your loader more versatile – with more features, independent fingertip controls, and more productivity. The planer is an invaluable tool for many asphalt and concrete repair jobs: mating uneven pavement surfaces, cutting drainage in parking lots, street repairs, removing striping, and cleanup around larger milling machines.

Utilize the high-flow hydraulic systems of Bobcat loaders — up to 37 gpm — for maximum total horsepower and maximum square yardage production.

Loader features such as the optional Selectable Joystick Controls with Speed Management maximize your square-yardage performance while reducing operator fatigue.


Does your power broom sit idle far too often? Replace it with the much more versatile Toolcat™ Utility Work Machine — and the Toolcat utility work machine will very quickly become the most-used piece of equipment in your fleet.

It's an all-wheel steer loader and attachment carrier that uses the same attachments as Bobcat loaders.

Mount either the 7-foot angle broom or 5-foot sweeper attachment, and make quick work of any cleanup job.

Add the water kit attachment and carry 70 gallons of water for all-day dust suppression.


Take on anything that stands in your way with our powerful vibratory rollers. The one-piece drums are exceptionally strong, and are available in padded or smooth 48- and 72-inch models. For added versatility, the offset drum design extends the roller beyond the right side of the machineshine, allowing compaction along curbs and walls.