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The Bobcat® 3 pt. disc harrow is designed to easily break up the soil surface to help in preparation for new seedbeds and plantings. Whether you're working in your home garden or a serious farming or commercial operation, there's a disc harrow size that will match your job. The four sets or “gangs” of five 18-in. discs cultivate the soil and chop unwanted debris, such as weeds or old crops. The gangs are adjustable to give you more cutting depths and aggressions. The wide cutting widths help prepare fields in fewer passes.

Top Tasks

  • Break up soil surface for seedbeds

How it Works

The disc harrow is pulled behind the machine at the depth desired by the operator. The front gangs of discs do the initial breaking up of the soil and are followed by the rear disc gangs, which further reduce any broken soil clods.


  • Adjustability: Adjustable gang angle and a combination of smooth and notched discs allow for greater versatility. The 84 in. disc harrow is also adjustable for different widths on both the front and rear disc sections.
  • Uptime Protection: Easily replaceable discs and bearings allow for quick changeover of disc profiles for greater versatility. Also greatly reduces maintenance time.
  • Durable Powder-Coat Finish: Keeps implement rust-resistant and looking good.
  • Sealed Bearings: Keep the dirt out for best performance.
  • Heavy Weight: Helps the disc harrow dig in for better digging performance. The 84 in. is nearly 1/3 heavier than the 72 in. disc harrow.


Operating Weight 846 lbs
3-Point Hitch Category 1
Length 62 in
Width 76.5 in
Height N/A
Cutting Width 84 in
Disk Diameter 18 in

Compatible Carriers

3DH72 3DH84
Utility Work Machine Toolcat 5610 G-Series