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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

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Compatible Carriers


Tackle the toughest terrain throughout the planting and growing seasons with the multipurpose Bobcat® 3-point tiller.

Break up and turn soil to prepare for planting. Then, add nutrients to soil by incorporating fertilizer, manure or mulch when using the tiller attachment. The tiller even easily and efficiently removes pesky weeds that pop up between rows.

When moving forward, tines rotate in the same direction as the tires and cover the tracks for a consistent finish, eliminating tiller side-shifting and reducing the need for multiple passes.

Top Tasks

  • Tear through clumps and loosening soil
  • Mix compost, fertilizer, manure, and mulch into the soil
  • Add amendments to flower beds
  • Prepare land for planting
  • Remove weeds between rows
  • Till next to sidewalks, curbs, and buildings

How it Works

The tiller is mounted behind the carrier with the 3-point hitch. The operator adjusts the skid shoes to the desired tilling depth. Then the PTO can be engaged, which begins the tiller's rotation. Depending on the ground condition, the speed of the digging depth can be altered for maximum digging performance.


  • Adjustable Skid Shoes: Deliver depth control for more precise tilling operation.
  • Multiple Tilling Widths: Match your machine's capabilities to the optimal tiller performance.
  • Slip-Clutch Protection: Prevent driveline damage in case the rotor system becomes bound or jammed.
  • Tines: Rotate in the opposite direction as the tires when the Toolcat 5610 is moving forward.
  • Reverse Rotor Action: Brings material up and over the top of the L-Shaped tines providing better soil fluff.
  • Blades: Up to 54 blades per tiller to provide better pulverization of soil.
  • Formed Deck: Sheds water and debris for a cleaner, rust-free surface.


48" 3 pt.
Operating Weight 604 lbs
3-Point Hitch Category 1
Length 28.7 in
Width 53 in
Height 38.6 in
Working Depth 5" Adjustable
Drive Gear, Slip Clutch
Tine Rotation 212 RPM
Number of Blades 36
Cutting Width 43 in
Skid Shoes Adjustable

Compatible Carriers

48" 3 pt.
Utility Work Machine Toolcat 5610 G-Series