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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

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This durable attachment rakes and collects surface debris as it levels the soil. Rake up and sift through soil as your drive your Bobcat® compact tractor or Toolcat™ 5610.

Efficiently rake a lawn, seedbed or sand, level driveways, or collect twigs, rocks and other debris with a Bobcat 3-point Tine Rake. When put to a tall task, the tine rake steel tines will prove durable, even at an affordable price.

Tines are individually replaceable for easy, low-cost maintenance and maximum uptime performance. The rake can be angled or reversed simply by relocating the index pin. With five forward and five backward angles, the different raking angles provide a variety of raking widths to suit your precise soil needs. Quick and easy hook up with the standard storage stand. The Bobcat tine rake is an ideal maintenance tool around farms, nurseries, beaches and parks.

Top Tasks:

  • Rake, collect and sift debris
  • Grading
  • Prepare seedbed

How it Works

The 3-point tine rake is lowered to the surface to be raked while traveling, removing the sifted material and windrowing the debris to the side if the rake is at an angle, or piled in front.


  • Variety of Angle Settings: Five forward grading angles and five backward raking angles enable you to work the rake in both directions.
  • Storage Stand: Allows quick hook up and dependable storage.
  • Individually Replaceable Tines: Provides easy and low-cost maintenance.
  • Durable Powder-Coat Finish: Keeps implement rust-resistant and looking good year after year.


3pt. Tine Rake, 72 inch
Operating Weight 270 lbs
Length 40.5 in
Width 72 in
Height 39.1 in
Working Width (Fully Angled) 64.6 in
Working Width-Straight Blade 72 in
Hitch 3pt. Category 1
Max. 2-Wheel Drive Tractor HP 38 HP
Max. Front Wheel Assist Tractor HP 38 HP
Pivot (Forward) 5 Positions, 15 Degrees, Right or Left
Pivot (Reverse) 5 Positions, 15 Degrees, Right or Left
Tine Size 0.25" Thick

Compatible Carriers

3pt. Tine Rake, 72 inch
Utility Work Machine Toolcat 5610 G-Series