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Turn your Bobcat® loader into a powerful excavator with the digging force of the backhoe attachment.

With a full line of backhoe models for all sizes of Bobcat loaders, the backhoe is a part-time attachment that can handle full-time excavating jobs. The backhoe attachment operates with minimal ground disturbance that is ideal for working in sensitive areas.

Once the digging is done, switching the backhoe attachment is quick and easy. With the Bob-Tach™ mounting system, quickly change to a bucket for backfilling and then to another attachment to handle every job on site, maximizing performance and minimizing downtime. Power through any excavation job with the versatility advantage of a backhoe attachment.

Top Tasks

  • Complete excavation jobs at landscaping and nursery sites
  • Dig sewage systems and septic tanks
  • Complete water and power line maintenance

How It Works

Auxiliary hydraulics from the Bobcat loader provide power to hydraulic cylinders on the attachment to allow to dig, dump and swing.


  • Digging Depth: With a full line of backhoe models for all sizes of loaders, the backhoe attachment features digging depths from 6 to 11 feet, ideal for maximizing the combination of excavating performance and carrier versatility.
  • Easy to Transport: Moves from one job to the next with ease, allowing maximum attachment use without hassle.
  • Excellent Down-Hole Visibility: Offers clear visibility when operating the backhoe attachment, allowing for more efficient and accurate operation.
  • X-Change™ Mounting Attachment System (larger models only): Multiple bucket widths offer the best fit for any excavating job size. Quickly and easily change buckets, ripper or packer wheel for the task.


M06 406 506 607 9BH 8811
Operating Weight 685 lbs 507 lbs 531 lbs 1298 lbs N/A 1986 lbs
Maximum Dig Depth 76.2 in 73 in 73 in 95.1 in 116.6 in 135.7 in
Max Reach 88 in 88 in 88 in 123.3 in N/A 166 in
Dig Force-Bucket 2200 lbs 2200 lbf 2200 lbf 5000 lbf 5042 lbf 6000 lbf
Dig Force-Dipper 968 lbs 968 lbf 968 lbf 2700 lbf 3241 lbf 4069 lbf
Length N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Width N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Height N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bolt-On X-Change Pin-on Pin-on Pin-on Standard Standard Standard
Swing Angle 180 deg 180 deg 180 deg 180 deg 180 deg 180 deg
Stabilizer Type Hydraulic Fold Down Fixed Manual Fixed Manual Hydraulic Vertical Hydraulic Vertical Hydraulic Fold Down
Dig Depth 76.2 in 73 in 73 in 95.1 in N/A 135.7 in

Options & Accessories

  • Rear Stabilizer: Increase backhoe performance in a wide range of jobs with an optional set of frame-mounted rear stabilizers. Improves digging capability of the backhoe attachment by transferring the weight of the Bobcat® loader to the backhoe, where itís needed for more digging capability. Also helps in leveling the loader on uneven terrain.
  • Stabilizer Street Pads: Protect sensitive surfaces from damage while maintaining performance of the backhoe attachment.