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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

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Specs and Compatible Carriers


Make quick work of any digging challenge with several bucket options for your Bobcat® compact excavator (mini excavator). Three bucket types are available.

  • Grading buckets feature a smooth lip for finish grading, cleaning ditches, backfilling and leveling. Combine with the Hydra-Tilt™ swing accessory or PowerTilt® swing accessory for greater productivity.
  • Trenching buckets dig narrow, deep trenches while maintaining excellent breakout force and fast cycle times.
  • Tilt grading buckets shape holes and ditches by tilting the bucket left or right 40 degrees; the smooth lip is designed for finished surfaces.

The Easiest Attachment Changes

Attachment capabilities make a big impact on your productivity. When attachment changes are simple, operators are more likely to use the proper-sized bucket and the best attachment for the job. That can mean fuel savings, less time spent backfilling and less wear and tear on your machine.

Most models feature the exclusive X-Change™ system that allows you to change attachments quickly. If you want the most convenient attachment changes in the industry, purchase the optional Hydraulic X-Change system. Activate the hydraulic pins at the flip of a switch; retract for attachment removal or extend for attachment hook up. Install the retainer pins before operating. The system maintains optimal "pin-on" bucket geometry, so arm and bucket force are not compromised.

X-Change Advantages

The exclusive pin and hook design of the Bobcat X-Change™ mounting system delivers faster and easier attachment changes. In addition, you'll save valuable time as you load and unload attachments on a trailer. Learn more about this smart, simple design.

Hydraulic X-Change Advantages

Switching buckets and attachments can be time-consuming, and a real hassle. Discover the fastest, most efficient system on the market – without compromising arm and bucket force.

Top Tasks

Grading Buckets

  • Complete finish grading
  • Backfill
  • Clean ditches

Trenching Buckets

  • Dig trenches and ditches for water, power and telecommunications or sewer and drainage projects

Tilt Grading Buckets

  • Shape holes and ditches

418 Pin-On Buckets

Features Std. Duty Grading Benefits
Weld-on side cutters S X Protect the corners of the bucket
Weld-on cutting edge S S Provides a stronger more resilient cutting edge
Weld-on teeth S X Add strength and durability with no chance of breaking bolts
Vertical wear bars/straps S S Improves strength and durablity while providing extra wear protection
Bucket gusset (internal) X S Provides extra strength for wider grading buckets
S - Standard   X - Not Avaliable


8" Trenching Bucket 12" Trenching Bucket 16" Trenching Bucket
Operating Weight 29 lbs 37 lbs 43 lbs
Length 11.8 in 11.8 in 11.8 in
Width 7.9 in 11.8 in 15.75 in
Height 13.9 in 13.9 in 13.9 in
ISO Heaped Capacity 0.31 cubic ft 0.54 cubic ft 0.79 cubic ft
ISO Struck Capacity 0.24 cubic ft 0.38 cubic ft 0.52 cubic ft
Predrilled For N/A N/A N/A
31" Grading Bucket
Operating Weight 58 lbs
Length 11.7 in
Width 31.4 in
Height 12.75 in
ISO Heaped Capacity 1.5 cubic ft
ISO Struck Capacity 0.93 cubic ft
Predrilled For N/A

Compatible Carriers

8" Trenching Bucket 12" Trenching Bucket 16" Trenching Bucket
Excavators 418 T4 Excavator 418 T4 Excavator 418 T4 Excavator
31" Grading Bucket
Excavators 418 T4 Excavator