Attachments / Clamp - Compact Excavators


Clamp (thumb) attachment on the Bobcat E45 compact excavator lifts rubbish in a waste facility.

Clamp, lift, move and place more debris with the power of the clamp (or thumb) attachment.

Designed for Bobcat® compact excavators, the reach of the boom and arm easily maneuvers the thumb attachment into hard-to-reach areas and allows the excavator to be more selective in the objects to be moved. The dual-tooth design maximizes the clamp capabilities, allowing the attachment to clamp onto many odd-shaped objects and debris. Clamp, lift and move debris without having to move the machine.

Put the clamp attachment to work with a trenching bucket or three-tine grapple and easily move odd-shaped objects such as tree stumps and broken concrete. The clamp attachment is ideal for moving and removing.

Top Tasks

  • Move tree stumps, broken concrete and other odd-shaped objects
  • Separate timber piles
  • Carry trees
  • Remove unwanted brush
  • Unload pipe and lumber
  • Lift and place landscaping boulders
  • Place rock to build retaining walls


How It Works

Featuring a dual-tooth design, the clamp extends beyond the cutting edge of the bucket for holding objects. When not in use, the clamp retracts fully against the arm of the excavator to prevent interference with possible digging and trenching work.

Pro Clamp™ System

Expand the usual capabilities of a clamp attachment with the Pro Clamp. As an alternative to a clamp attachment, the Pro Clamp consists of a base component, standard pin-on work tool and optional grading tool. The system allows you to:

Optimize the standard clamp configuration for the task at hand. Grab large, small or irregular objects with greater confidence. You can also follow the bucket farther towards rollout compared to a standard clamp attachment.
Create a smooth trench bottom with the grading tool, avoiding the need for a second “smooth lip” bucket.
Clean up spoil piles quickly with the grading tool, reducing manual labor.
Remove the tool when trenching, giving you enhanced visibility into the trench area.
The Pro Clamp™ System is available as a factory installed option, and as a dealer-installed accessory for select Bobcat® compact excavators. It is compatible with standard arm and long arm configurations, but cannot be used with the extendable arm option.

Top Tasks

  • Perform demolition or tear-out work
  • Create smooth trench bottoms
  • Clean up spoil piles
  • Install or repair utilities, removing the tool as needed for optimum visibility

How It Works

Available in two sizes, the Pro Clamp includes a base component and a standard pin-on material work tool. Operators may choose the ideal tool position for grabbing large, small or irregular objects.

The optional grading tool can serve as a smooth cutting edge when grading or trenching with a toothed bucket. It can also be reversed to serve as a clamshell when paired with a smooth lip bucket.

The work tool may be removed when trenching. No tools are required to change or remove the work tool.