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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

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Dozer Blade 360° View

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The Bobcat® dozer blade attachment excavates and grades material with optimum performance and durability.

The dozer blade turns loaders into mini-crawlers and it's ideal for construction and landscaping markets. The blade moves and pushes large amount of material quickly and easily, accomplishing jobs that would otherwise require dedicated equipment. Adjustable skid shoes provide depth control as well as forward and reverse grading action.

Top Tasks

  • Backfill around foundations
  • Create runoff grades
  • Sculpt landscape areas
  • Level, pile or grade loose dirt, gravel or sand


  • 6-Way Adjustable Blade: Angles +/ 30 degrees and oscillates up to +/ 10 degrees, with electric-over-hydraulic controls for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Adjustable Depth Guides: Mounted on the dozer blade attachment, adjustable skid shoes guide and control the depth of the dozer blade.
  • Bi-Directional Operation: Operates both in forward and reverse for optimum grading action direction.
  • Cast Design: Designed for handling the toughest applications. The 96-inch dozer blade model features an all-cast design for maximum strength, quickly becoming a dozing machine when combined with the tractive effort of a compact track loader.
  • Fingertip Control: Featured on the 68- through 96-inch models, fingertip controls allow for easy, efficient and comfortable attachment adjustment.
  • Hydraulic Angle: Featured on the 54-inch model. Use the hydraulic angle of the blade as a dozer or snow blade.
  • Reversible Cutting Edge: Increases the versatility of the attachment while providing better uptime protection and more time between blade exchanges.


68" Dozer Blade 80" Dozer Blade 90" Dozer Blade 96" Dozer Blade
Operating Weight 900 lbs 950 lbs 987 lbs 1580 lbs
Length 32.9 in 31.8 in 31.8 in 34.8 in
Width 68 in 80 in 90 in 96 in
Height 25 in 25 in 25 in 27.7 in
Oscillation 8 +/- deg 8 +/- deg 8 +/- deg 10 +/- deg
Angle 30 +/- deg 30 +/- deg 30 +/- deg 30 +/- deg
Blade Height 24.1 in 24.1 in 24.1 in 25.2 in
Cylinders 3 3 3 3
Skid Shoes Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Working Width (Fully Angled) 58.9 in 69.3 in 78 in 83.5 in
Cutting Edge (reversible) 0.5" in. x 6" in. 0.5" x 6" 0.5 in. x 6 in. 0.63 in. x 6 in.