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Rotating Grapple Attachment

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Clean up, lift out, and haul away with the multi-function capabilities of the rotating grapple attachment.

Built for maximum functionality, the hydraulically-actuated, 360-degree rotation makes the rotating grapple even more efficient than a bucket and clamp combination. When digging multi-directional trenches and holes, the complete rotation capability of the rotating grapple saves valuable time on the job. The rotating grapple bites down in all directions without having to reposition the excavator.

Top Tasks

  • Clean demolition sights
  • Place landscaping rock and timber
  • Move felled trees

How It Works

Two auxiliary hydraulic circuits on the excavator provide the ability to independently control the rotation and bucket open/close functions.


  • Continuous 360 Degree Rotation: Allows the operator to rotate the grapple for perfect alignment or placement


Operating Weight 484 lbs 605 lbs
Length N/A N/A
Width 18.5 in 22.4 in
Height 35.7 in 36.9 in
Number of Fork Teeth (Factory) N/A N/A
Number of Fork Teeth (Possible) N/A N/A
Grapple Width 18.5 in 22.4 in
Number of Grapple Tines N/A N/A
Number of Forks N/A N/A
Open Height N/A N/A
Open Length 44.2 in 56 in
Closed Height N/A N/A
Closed Length N/A N/A
Tine Radius N/A N/A
Tine Thickness N/A N/A
Mount Pin-on Pin-On

Options & Accessories

  • Dirt Bucket: Side plates close together to contain loose materials
  • Boulder Bucket: Scalloped side plates allow the operator to wrap around material. Better for placing boulders and other bulky material.