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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

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Root Grapple Attachment

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Get maximum chomping and ripping power with the root grapple attachment.

Built to be the biggest, baddest biter of them all, the root grapple rips into tough jobs with ease. The heavy-duty design improves the wear life of the grapple, especially when operating in tough land clearing jobs. Inertia-welded cylinder ends permit strong, smooth operation by improving hydraulic cushioning. And a curved, skeletal tooth design allows materials to be picked up without driving the teeth into the ground.

It's ideal for jobs such as land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, rental or buildings and grounds maintenance. Tear it up, bite it off, and spit it out with the root grapple.

Top Tasks

  • Clear rocks, roots, brush, overgrowth and debris


  • Curved Skeletal Tooth Design: Permits material to be picked up without driving teeth into the ground, allowing dirt to fall on site.
  • Fully Enclosed Mounting Frame: Extends wear life by minimizing flexing in the frame area.
  • Inertia-Welded Cylinder Ends: As a Bobcat® exclusive design, the inertia-welded cylinder ends deliver strong, smooth operation by improving hydraulic cushioning at the end of the stroke.
  • Dual Cylinders (Large Grapples Only): With tough Bobcat-built cylinders, dual cylinders provide the ability to secure uneven loads. Bobcat grapples provide the highest clamping forces in the industry.


36RG 48RG RG66 RG72 RG82
Operating Weight 297 lbs 371 lbs 930 lbs 1032 lbs 1130 lbs
Length 30.7 in 30.7 in 42 in 42 in 42.8 in
Width 36 in 48 in 66 in 72.5 in 82.5 in
Height 29.8 in 29.8 in 45 in 45 in 34.4 in
Number of Teeth 5 7 8 9 11
Max. Tooth Opening 17.5 in 17.5 in 37.75 in 37.75 in 36.8 in

Compatible Carriers