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Compatible Carriers


Sink into hard-to-handle light materials or farm materials with the bite of the utility grapple attachment.

The utility grapple offers the additional holding ability necessary to bite down on even the loosest materials. Designed with efficiency in mind, the compact design of the utility grapple gets the fork or bucket close to fences or the sides of stalls for maximum material moving.

Choose from a fork and grapple, or bucket and grapple to handle a wide variety of farm and ranch jobs. Whether home on the range or down on the farm, the utility grapple sinks in to get the job done.

Top Tasks

  • Lift, and move loose materials such as manure, bedding, and hay
  • Grip posts, fencing and other hard-to-manage materials


  • Curved Teeth: Help pull materials into the grapple, scooping up even the loosest material. Also, teeth are replaceable for added uptime protection.
  • Forged Teeth: Provide exceptional strength with low weight, allowing for more carrying capacity.
  • Provisions for Additional Teeth: Easier to handle smaller materials


32" Grapple 32" Utility Grapple 55" Utility Grapple-GP GR55GP
Operating Weight 157 lbs 157 lbs 180 lbs 243 lbs
Length N/A N/A 32.7 in 34.3 in
Width N/A N/A 55 in 55 in
Height N/A N/A 29.4 in 29.3 in
Number of Fork Teeth (Factory) 5 3 4 4
Number of Fork Teeth (Possible) N/A 5 8 8
Grapple Width 32 in 32 in 55 in 55 in
Number of Grapple Tines 5 3 4 4
Number of Forks N/A N/A N/A N/A
Open Height 40.2 in 41.3 in 41.9 in 41.2 in
Open Length 34 in 35.6 in 38.6 in 40.1 in
Closed Height 27 in 28.8 in 26.3 in 26.3 in
Closed Length 29.8 in 31.6 in 32.7 in 34.3 in
Tine Radius N/A N/A N/A N/A
Tine Thickness N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mount N/A N/A N/A N/A

Compatible Carriers

32" Grapple 32" Utility Grapple 55" Utility Grapple-GP GR55GP
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Compact Track Loaders T450 T4 T550 T4 T590 T4 T630 T4 T650 T4
Mini Loaders MT52 MT55 MT52 MT55
Skid-Steer Loaders S70 S70 S100 S130 S175 S510 T4 S530 T4 S550 T4 S570 T4 S130 S175 S450 T4 S510 T4 S530 T4 S550 T4 S570 T4 S590 T4 S630 T4 S650 T4 S750 - iT4 S770 - iT4
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