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Cut and mill concrete and asphalt with the controlled removal process of the planer attachment.

The milling process involves low angle, high velocity blows in a controlled pattern that uniformly chips pavement. Depth, width, and slope control are easily set and maintained by the operator. Milled material can be immediately recycled, nicely finishing any asphalt and repair jobs. The Bobcat® planer attachment is much less expensive to maintain and more maneuverable than dedicated planers.

The planer attachment is versatile and durable, delivering high torque for maximum cutting and milling performance. Choose from three different planer models listed below.

Standard flow planer provides excellent performance on standard flow machines allowing a lower initial investment for those that only need to use a planer periodically. High flow planers utilize the increased hydraulic horsepower available for high production needs.

Top Tasks

  • Mate uneven pavement surfaces
  • Clean up around larger miller machines
  • Cut drainage in a parking lot
  • Mill around manholes
  • Taper edges on a roadway

How It Works

Carbide-tipped bits are mounted on a revolving drum to cut and pulverize pavement material. After material has been milled, it leaves the planer housing through a rear opening.

Planer skis are used to adjust the angle and depth by moving the right and left ski up or down. Depth gauges are visible from the cab to provide a measurement reference of each ski depth. Bobcat planers have better visibility of the skis, so operators can easily control the path of the planer and the machine. Even on rough terrain, the planer skis maintain surface contact, resulting in a consistent cut depth.


Drum Options: Multiple drum options to match your job needs.

14-24-Inch Models:

  • Oscillation: Housing oscillates up to +/- 15 degrees allowing the operator the ability to cut necessary angles or match two uneven surfaces.
  • Replaceable Ski Wear Pads: Make maintenance easier and more affordable.
  • Steel Wheels: Mounted on the rear, wheels provide support and reduce tire bounce for a smoother cut.
  • Independently Adjustable Skis: Fingertip controls from the operator’s seat provide depth and angle control for a consistent-depth cut. Also, skis push debris away, keeping the skids in contact with the cutting surface.
  • Side Cutting Teeth: Decreases drum binding in the cut for smoother operation and provides a vertical edge for improving the joint bond between new and existing road layers.
  • Free Floating Oscillation: The cutting wheel oscillates side to side to provide optimum surface tracking regardless of loader movements, so even if the loader tires fall into a hole or depression it will cut evenly. With the Bobcat planer, pavement milling is a controlled process as the depth, width, and slope are easily set and controlled by the operator.
  • Hydraulic Side Shift: Side shifting allows milling outside the width of the carrier, making possible flush cutting adjacent to curbs and walls.
  • Large Rear Opening: Reduces the amount of material being re-milled, increasing productivity because more material can be removed from the planer before it is reground into smaller pieces.
  • Removable End Plate: As the only manufacturer of this feature, Bobcat allows the planer to mill flush against wall with no further clean-up work required.
  • Visible Left Ski: Keeps the planer centered and provides easier control over its path.
  • Top Access Panel: To inspect and replace cutting bits, a top access panel allows for easy inspection and saves maintenance time. Planer bits can be changed and removed using the specially designed bit tool.
  • Planer Drum: One-piece concentric unit made for better durability and smoother cutting.

18- and 24-Inch Models:

  • Priority Valve: Diverts oil to depth function without causing momentary loss of power to planer drum, allowing the operator to make adjustments on-the-go without sacrificing cutting power.

40-Inch High Flow Model:

  • Diverter Valve: Allows the operator to switch between hydraulic side-shift and hydraulic oscillation functions.
  • Front Access Panel: To inspect and replace cutting bits, a front access panel allows for easy inspection and saves maintenance time.
  • Hydraulic Side Shift: Side shifting allows milling outside the width of the carrier, making possible flush cutting adjacent to curbs and walls.
  • Two Direct-Drive Motors: With one on each side of the drum, the two motors increase torque force which provides an increase in productivity and life of the planer.


14" Standard 18" High Flow 24" High Flow 40" High Flow
Operating Weight 1107 lbs 1188 lbs 1260 lbs 2300 lbs
Length 47.5 in 47.5 in 47.5 in 44 in
Width 66 in 66.4 in 66.4 in 68 in
Height 29.3 in 35.2 in 35.2 in 32 in
Cutting Depth Max 6 in 6 in 6 in 5 in
Cutting Depth Min 0 in 0 in 0 in 0 in
Drum Width Max 14 in 18 in 24 in 40 in
Number of Bits N/A N/A N/A 75
Sideshift 29.8 in 29.8 in 29.8 in 25.6 in
Maximum Cutting Angle 15 +/- deg 15 +/- deg 15 +/- deg 8 +/- deg
Planing Distance Next to Curb 75.4 in 75.4 in 80.4 in 3 in
Drum Diameter 17.75 in 17.75 in 17.75 in 14.5 in
*Operating Weight does not include the weight of the drum for 14", 18" and 24" Planers.

Options and Accessories

Drum Options

  • Fast Cut Drum: Most common drum has wide spacing between bits to provide ultimate performance. Usually overlaid with new material because surface may be too rough without overlay.
  • Smooth-Cut Drum: With nearly double the number of bits as a fast cut drum, the smooth-cut drum leaves a relatively smooth surface. This is the drum of choice when the surface will remain exposed.
  • Surface Drum: Leaves a smooth finish. Often used for removing paintlines from roadways, the surface drum leaves a shallow trench that may be filled in with new paint, thermoplastics or reflective tape that is unaffected by snow plows. Available in 16-in. width only.
  • Slot-Cut Drum: Can be used to cut a trench through concrete or asphalt for laying utilities or removal of a section. Available in 2.5- and 4-in. widths only.
  • Electronic Integration on 18-, 24- and 40-inch Planers

    Electronics Integraton on 18-, 24-, and 40-inch Planers

    • Easily viewed from operator's position on M-Series Loaders.
    • Cumulative hour meter keeps track of total hours on planer.
    • Two user-resettable job clocks can keep track of time on the job and/or maintenance intervals for the planer.
    • Can also be viewed with dealer service analyzer tool.
    • Available only on 18-, 24- and 40-inch models.
    • Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) with Speed Management: Find that “sweet spot” and stay there while maintaining maximum driveline torque and full hydraulic power. Maximizes performance while reducing fatigue.
    • Water Kit: Provides dust suppression and bit lubrication to maximize bit life.
    • Guide Rod Kit: Bolt on accessory makes it easier for operators to follow a line.
    • Operating Training Kit: Available for order.
    • Weight Kit (18-in. and 24-in. planer attachments): Improves performance by providing increased down-pressure on the drum. Four 50-lb counterweights mount to the front of the planer to gain performance when milling hard asphalt and concrete.
    • Hydraulic Oscillation Kit (18-in. and 24-in. planer attachments): Provides fingertip-control of drum oscillation. Independent, individual ski control is unaffected.
Bobcat Company has upgraded Bobswap to give dealers more control over their open orders available for trade. A new admin role has been created to allow key people at a dealership to submit and approve requests for order swap, and the system has been upgraded to show real-time available orders. Reassignment requests will now be sent through OSS.