Attachments / Push Broom


Side profile of Bobcat push broom attachment clearing snow.

Sweep materials – wet or dry, forward or backward – with the cost-saving efficiency of the push broom attachment.

This handy attachment is 20 to 30 times faster than hand sweeping, dramatically reducing clean-up costs when maintaining parking lots, warehouses, barns and other locations. The push broom also effectively cleans along tight areas such as curbs and walls. It has the capability to operate in either forward or reverse, increasing the versatility of the carrier. And it can easily sweep and clean up materials, whether wet or dry.

Use the push broom attachment to maintain parking lots, job sites, barns and feed lots, grain elevators, docks, transport trailers, warehouses, ship decks, intersections and baseball fields. Other applications include sweeping inside buildings, maintaining driveways or sidewalks, and other clean-up jobs – wherever the carrier can travel.

Top Tasks

  • Sweep dirt, leaves, light snow, material spills, standing water, wood chips, roofing gravel, iron/steel shavings, sand, salt and other debris


  • Bi-Directional Operation: Sweep materials when operating in either forward or reverse, maximizing carrier versatility.
  • Quick Attachment: For a loader model, the push broom quickly attaches to the bucket with two spring-loaded pins.
  • Compact Area Sweeping: Effectively sweeps and cleans along curbs, walls, and other tight areas.
  • Versatility: Easily sweep and clean up materials, whether wet or dry. Ideal for sweeping dirt, leaves, light snow, standing water, and spilled materials.