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Rebar Bender Attachment

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The robust Bobcat® rebar bender attachment is a fast, easy and convenient way to bend rebar on site. Its ideal for road repair and maintenance, structural building projects, concrete work, military facilities and concrete/asphalt plants.

The rebar bender eliminates the need for manual tools by easily attaching to your loader using the left Bob-Tach™ mount. Hydraulically bend up to a #6, grade 60 rebar with unbelievable precision up to 200.

It offers four mandrels for a variety of bend angles, an adjustable worktable, and a Remote Attachment Control (RAC) Panel. The RAC Panel provides safe operation of the rebar bender from outside the cab, and also allows operators to start and stop their idled loader or Toolcat™ utility work machine from outside the cab. An optional mandrel is available for bending #7, grade 60 rebar.

For increased efficiency, this attachment also offers an optional bend stop kit, which eliminates measuring the rebar for fast, repeatable bends under 30" from the end.

Top Tasks

  • Bend rebar on site with precision and ease


  • Convenience in all ground conditions: Attaches to Bobcat loaders and Toolcat™ utility work machines via the Bob-Tach™ mounting system to bend rebar on site without the use of manual tools. It offers the ability to bring the equipment right on the jobsite when conditions are soft, rough or muddy.
  • Strength: Hydraulically bend up to a #6, grade 60 rebar. Optional mandrel will bend #7, grade 60 rebar.
  • Custom Bend Angles: Comes equipped with four mandrels for a variety of bend angles, as well as an adjustable work table to bend up to #6, grade 60 rebar.
  • Remote Attachment Control (RAC) Panel: Using a simple 7-pin control, this device enables operators to set their loader to idle, then safely start it again from the bender.
  • Wired Remote Control: Easily control the start and stop of the rotation of the bend pin


Operating Weight 330 lbs
Maximum Pressure 3500 psi
Length 16.7 in
Width 23.5 in
Height 20.1 in
Flow Range Min 10 GPM
Flow Range Max 24 GPM
Maximum bendable grade rebar 6 t

Options & Accessories

Bend Stop Kit: Operators can set the optional bend stop to elminate measuring the rebar for fast, repeatable bends under 30" from the end.

Optional Mandrel:Bends #7, grade 60 rebar