Attachments / Sod Layer


Sod layer attachment mounted to a Bobcat compact track loader lays a lawn for a newly constructed house.

The sod layer attachment lays sod accurately and efficiently, creating a smooth, green landscape.

Automatic spindle-arms hold the roll steady when operating, delivering smooth performance and a perfectly finished sod landscape. During transport, an exclusive lock and pin system holds the roll firm, eliminating accidental unrolling.

For high-production sod installation, the sod layer can carry and lay a roll of sod up to 4 feet wide, making it the ideal attachment for larger landscaping jobs. For smaller installation jobs, the front mount attachment capabilities of the sod layer make it maneuverable enough even for jobs with space restrictions.

Whether laying sod is a normal part of the day-to-day operation or just an occasional chore, the sod layer attachment makes quick and easy work of laying a fresh, green landscape.

Top Tasks

  • Carry and lay rolls of sod


  • Automatic Brake: When operating, the automatic brake on the spindle-arms hold the sod roll steady to prevent unwanted unrolling.
  • Relief Valve: Prevents over squeezing of sod rolls.