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Bobcat sprayer attachment in the box of a 5600 Toolcat is used to spray fertilizer on a lawn.

Control pesky weeds and keep grass looking crisp and green with the sprayer attachment, built for the Toolcat™ utility work machine and Bobcat® utility vehicle.

Designed for chemical application, the sprayer tackles jobs ranging from spot weed control to broadcast spraying of liquid fertilizer and chemicals. Use the spray wand for quick and easy spot spraying. For large area coverage, attach the tank and boom to the carrier and turn on the attachment.

Applications for the sprayer attachment include small to moderate acreage spraying across a wide range of areas, including lawns, parks, pastures, road right-of-ways, golf courses and cemeteries. Use the sprayer attachment even during the winter, pairing it with a liquid ice-melting solution to remove snow and ice.

Top Tasks

  • Spray lawns, parks, pastures, road right-of-ways, golf courses, cemeteries and other small to moderate acreages

How It Works

All sprayer tank components are mounted to a steel skid-frame. Fasten the sprayer to the carrier bed. Sprayer flow is controlled by a pump on/off switch conveniently mounted in the console of a Toolcat™ or within easy reach on front of the skid of a utility vehicle.

A four-nozzle boom on the 40-gallon sprayer unfolds to a 10-foot width and a 13-nozzle boom on the 80-gallon sprayer unfolds to a 21-foot width. Spring loaded boom wings break away horizontally – fore and aft – and vertically to help protect the boom on rough terrain or from obstacles. When not in use, boom wings can be manually folded.


  • Boom Height: Adjusts to match height of vegetation, delivering optimum results when operating in a variety of environments.
  • Chemical Jug Holder (60 and 80-gallon only): Incorporated into the tank design for maximum stability while operating.
  • Hose Reel & Spray Wand: Attached to the length of the reel, the spray wand and hose combination are ideal for spot-spraying and pressure washing applications, delivering easy hand-held spraying results.
  • Large Pump: Allows the sprayer to cover more ground in less time and with more precise coverage.
  • Spring Loaded Wings: Break away horizontally – fore and aft – and vertically (80-gallon sprayer only) to help protect the boom on rough terrain or from obstacles.
  • Tank Agitation: With the combination of molded plastic baffles on the bottom of the tank and the pressure adjust valve for the pump, the sprayer attachment continuously agitates and mixes chemicals.

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