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Spreader Attachment

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Need to spread sand and salt for winter maintenance? Or seed and fertilizer for lawn care? Whatever the job, the spreader attachment gets it done right and provides the versatility for all types of spreading jobs. The corrosion-free, all-poly hopper stands up to tough sand and salt combinations.

Top Tasks

  • Maintain parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and alleys

SP5 Spreader: Compact and Versatile

As the most compact spreader model, the Bobcat® SP5 spreader attachment is great for seeding and fertilizing or for spreading sand and salt on driveways, alleys and parking lots. Load the 5.75 cubic foot hopper from the top, and spread virtually any dry, free-flowing granular material quickly and easily. A weather-tight, variable speed 12-volt DC motor allows the operator to vary spreading patterns from 4 to 40 feet. Spinner wheel rpm is regulated from the operator's seat by a rotary dial mounted in the loader cab.

  • Carrier Versatility: Mounts on a loader or pickup truck for maximum operator versatility.
  • Cab-Mounted Rotary Dial: Regulates the spinner wheel rpm directly from the operator's seat.
  • Fitted Tarp: Placed over the hopper, the fitted tarp keeps spreading materials dry.

SP12 Spreader: For Your Toolcat 5600

Equip your utility work machine to spread sand and salt with the SP12 spreader attachment. With a 13.5 cubic foot hopper, the all-poly unit mounts in the cargo box and can hold more material for larger spreading jobs. A dash-mounted spreader control allows the operator to adjust the auger and spinner speed to spread material from 5 to 40 feet from inside the cab. Because the spreader mounts in the rear of the utility work machine, use a front mounted attachment such as a blade, blower or broom to clear snow before spreading.

  • Dash-Mounted Control: Use the two variable-speed dials for independent adjustment of the auger and spinner control directly from the operator's seat.
  • Mesh Screen: Large chunks of sand and salt are filtered through this screen at the top of the hopper for even, consistent flow.
  • Three-Stage Baffle: Covers the auger and allows an operator to adjust the material flow required due to material granularity.
  • Vibrator Kit: on the SP12, this kit reduces bridging of material for a constant and even flow.

HS8 Spreader: Hydraulic Control and Convenience

The Hydraulic Spreader (HS8) attachment is Bobcat's first hydraulic spreader. The self-loading hopper on the HS8 has an open top and can be used as a bucket, allowing an operator to efficiently fill the spreader from a pile rather than pour material into the top. With an 8 cubic foot hopper, the spread pattern is controlled by a hydraulic motor and three material flow gates that spread from 18 to 28 feet. The three individual gates, located on the hopper, maintain the rate of material spread.

  • Hopper Grate: Filters unwanted debris from spread material.
  • Hydraulic System: Spread pattern controlled by hydraulic motor that gives spread pattern of 18 to 28 feet.
  • Self-Loading Hopper: Allows the operator to use the hopper as a bucket, filling the spreader from a pile. Quickly and efficiently reload the spreading material into the hopper for big parking lot or road coverage jobs.
  • Sidewalk Kit (optional): Keeps spreading material from being cast out of the bounds of the sidewalk; compresses spread pattern to 29-38 in.


SP5 SP12 HS8
Operating Weight 191 lbs 325 lbs 437 lbs
Length 30.75 in 78.5 in 32.1 in
Width 38.5 in 48.5 in 54.4 in
Height 32.5 in 44.7 in 40.9 in
Hopper Capactiy 5.75 cubic ft 13.5 cubic ft 8 cubic ft
Spreading Pattern Min 4 ft 5 ft 29 in
Spreading Pattern Max 40 ft 40 ft 28 ft
Speed Control Variable Speed Dial Control Variable Speed Control Dial Variable, Hydraulic
Motor 12-Volt DC Direct Drive 12-Volt DC Direct Drive Hydraulic
Spinner Wheel 10" diameter 12" Diameter 18" diameter

Options & Accessories

SP5 Model

  • Truck Mounting Kit: Mounts on a loader or pickup truck for maximum operator versatility.
  • Adjustable Deflector Kit: Provides additional control of the spread pattern.
  • Gate Assembly Kit: Provides increased control when applying fine granular materials such as seed and fertilizer
  • Vibrator Kit: Helps prevent material from bridging in the spreader hopper.

SP12 Model

  • Rear Spreader Light Kit: Includes two taillight assemblies that mount to spreader.
  • HS8 Model

    • Sidewalk Kit: Keeps spreading material from being cast out of the bounds of the sidewalk; compresses spread pattern to 29-38 in.