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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

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Stump Grinder Attachment


Stump Grinder Attachment 360° View

Compatible Carriers


Grind tree stumps into mulch with the powerful action of the stump grinder attachment.

Designed for maximum operating capability, the stump grinder mounts directly to the front of a carrier for easy maneuvering in tight areas and positioning exactly where grinding action is needed. Mounted at a 90-degree angle to the operator, the stump grinder offers increased visibility to the cutting area, giving the operator the same wide view as with any pull-behind grinder.

The stump grinder is the ideal attachment for landscaping contractors, homeowners with acreage, campus facilities, municipalities, and rental contractors.

Top Tasks

  • Remove stumps in large, open areas and small, compact environments
  • Access smaller spaces such as backyards and gate openings

How It Works

Pivoting from side-to-side, the stump grinder sweeps its blade consistently across the desired area, powerfully grinding down any unwanted stump. Additionally, the SG60 and SGX60 have the ability to also extend the cutting head and grind up to a 45 in. stump without repositioning the machine. The grinding action cuts the stump until flush to or up to 15 inches below grade.


  • 90-Degree Angle Mount: With a front mount attachment system, the stump grinder is mounted at a 90-degree angle to the operator for increased visibility to the cutting area.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics Operation: Stump grinder operates off the carrier’s auxiliary hydraulics, eliminating an engine to maintain while operating.
  • Carbide-Tipped Teeth: Efficiently rip through hard wood, providing long life and uptime protection for the attachment.
  • Front Mount System: Easier to maneuver into tight areas and to position stump grinder over the stump, delivering accurate grinding action and operation.
  • Unique Valve Design: Minimizes the cutting wheel from stalling while in the cut.
  • Rubber Deflecting Shields: Provide additional operator comfort and protection from wood chips.


SG30 SG60 SGX60
Operating Weight 460 lbs 980 lbs 995 lbs
Length 46.25 in 45 in 45 in
Width 36 in 65.8 in 65.8 in
Height 33.5 in 59.4 in 59.4 in
Number of Teeth 16 32 32
Grinder Reach At Ground Level 46.25 in 74 in 74 in
Maximum Cutting Arc 90 deg 80 deg 80 deg
Maximum Cutting Depth 11 in 15 in 15 in
Maximum Cutting Height 11 in 32 in 32 in
Wheel Diameter 18 in 27 in 27 in
Tip Speed 3109-4691 ft./min. (948-1430 m./min.) 4480-6330 ft./min. (1366-1990m./min.) 3321-5511 ft./min. (1012-1680 m./min.)