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Tight spaces?  No problem.
Excavating / Grading
Excavating and Grading Overview

Land Clearing

Deciding what to clear on a new job site...

Why bulldoze down everything in sight with large equipment?

Bobcat provides the machines and attachments allowing you to choose which trees and landscape features stay and which ones go — giving you the option of keeping mature landscape features and saving you money on new trees, fill and other materials.

Bobcat Flail Cutter Attachment Bobcat Brushcat® Attachment

Clearing Brush

Your 3 best options for selectively removing small trees and brush are the Bobcat Brushcat® rotary cutter, flail cutter and/or brush saw.

The brushcat and flail cutter essentially perform the same function (thich brush mowing) just with different designs. The brushcat has horizontal cutting blades while the flail cutter has a drum with multiple cupped cutting teeth. Both will cut through the thickest grass and brush as well as mulch small branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter. Both work extremely well and coupled with your Bobcat skid steer loader, compact track loader or all wheel steer loader will allow you to clear property in tight areas like between mature trees.

The brush saw attachment is also used for brush clearing. It utilizes a single horizontal saw blade and can be used on small trees up to 15 feet tall.

What's the easiest thing to do with loose brush?

Turn it into mulch - use the Bobcat Chipper attachment to grind branches reducing volume 10 to 1. Much like the stump grinder attachment the Bobcat Chipper attachment offer many advantages over a tow behinder chipper: easier to get into tight locations, easier to position, one less engine to maintain.

Cut higher trees and limbs from top to bottom!

Whether you're clearing every tree in an area or selectively thinning strands, the Bobcat Forestry Cutter Attachment lets you remove the trees you want - turning them into a bed of mulch. Punch into large-diameter trees and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground! Or simply lower the forestry cutter onto the tree and its fast-cutting teeth can rip it to shreds, or tear it to pieces by repeatedly hitting it from the side. If required, the forestry cutter has the ability to till the mulch right into the soil. The forestry applications kit is required to operate the forestry cutter. It provides protection for the operator and machine.

Clearing Stumps

There are several advantages to using a Bobcat stump grinder attachment mounted to your loader vs. a tow behind stump grinder.

Bobcat Stump Grinder Attachment
  • It's easier to get the stump grinder into tight areas (back to our selective clearing concept)
  • It's easier to position over the stump (stump grinder is in right in front of you vs. backing it into position with your pickup)
  • It's easier to re-position - grind up to 45-in diameter stumps without repositioning.
  • Since the stump grinder operates off your loaders auxillary hydraulics, you eliminate a engine to maintain.

If you plan to do a lot of grinding, consider the model specifically designed to work with loaders with high flow hydraulics.


Tougher than your next job.

Demolition demands durability, and so does Bobcat®. Our skid-steer loaders were made for the demolition industry, so world-class strength was built right in – from the solid axles and low-maintenance chaincase, to the heavy-duty steel tailgate and protected hose routings.

Whether you're tearing out the smallest backyard patio or cleaning up major demolition sites, Bobcat's got you covered with more models, more options and more attachments. More models, ranging from the 36-inch wide loader to loaders with a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds. More options, like a Special Application Kit with Lexan front door.

Demolition with Grapple Attachment

More Attachments

Use a Bobcat® skid-steer loader with a hydraulic breaker to break up some of the toughest surfaces. The Bobcat drop hammer works best for concrete flatwork demolition because it provides less wear on the machine and less noise for the operator. When needing to perform partial removal of road material, you can use the Bobcat planer attachment to quickly mill areas.

Bobcat also manufactures several attachments to sort, haul, load and cleanup all types of materials. In the demolition market, contractors need durable attachments that can withstand the daily stress of working with concrete chunks, rebar, bricks and more. Use and excavator with a grapple or rotating grapple to sort, separate and load materials. With the industrial fork grapple, dirt falls through the bottom tines to ease sorting of demo waste and reduce weight dumping fees. To clean up the dirt left behind, simply attach the angle broom to quickly sweep the dirt off driveways, parking lots and roadways.


What's the most efficient way to excavate?

There's a reason they're called excavators.

Bobcat Compact Excavator Bobcat Compact Excavators Bobcat Compact Excavator

Bobcat compact excavators excel at excavating material. 360 house rotation rotation allows you the most options for placing spoil. The work group (arm) on a Bobcat excavator is offset to the right of the operator to give a clear view of the working are. Bobcat exclusive In-Track Swing Frame gives you the ability to truly dig flush up against an obstacle and increasing your ability to work in tight areas when in an offset dig position.

Another combination that excels at excavating is a Bobcat compact track loader and combination bucket attachment with teeth. With more surface area in contact with the ground, compact track loaders provide more tractive effort than wheeled compact loaders. The pushing force of Bobcat compact track loaders is second to none due to direct-drive motors, a solid-mounted undercarriage, and a balance between machine weight and horsepower.

A combination bucket with teeth is a versatile tool for just about everything - as a standard bucket for digging, loading, carrying and dumping; as a grapple to grip move and load logs, concrete chunks or other bulky objects; or as a blade for heavy-duty dozing and leveling.

If you have a loader and still need to to some "excavator" style excavating, Bobcat also offers 2 style of backhoe attachments for loaders: The Bobcat Backhoe attachment and Bobcat Bob-Tach Backhoe attachment.


How can you improve your grading efficiency and precision?

With Bobcat attachments made for grading

Bobcat Tilt-Tatch™ Attachment

Bobcat's heavy duty construction and industrial buckets are specially made to stand up to the demands of heavy excavating and grading. The low profile bucket with extended cutting edge visibility for grading. Add the Bobcat Tilt-Tatch™ attachment between the loader and bucket to allow 15 degrees of tilt left or right.

The Bobcat dozer blade attachement offers six degrees of electric over hydraulic, finger tip control for precision grading. Adjustable skid-shoes on the dozer make it easier for novice to skilled operators to run the attachment efficiently. New operators should set the skid-shoes slightly below the cutting edge and can raise the feet as they become more skilled.

The Bobcat box blade attachment may be used for rough or fine grading applications to fill in low spots and “carry” material along to bring the surface close to grade. Fingertip control of the blade raise and lower function provides smooth controls for precise grading. Other features include a reversible cutting edge and foam-filled tires for added flotation.

Bobcat also offers a seven foot grader with a six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard. Like the box blade attachment, the grader attachment is operated by fingertip controls. The attachment manually adjusts sideways up to 12 inches in both directions and angles hydraulically 25 degrees right or left for precise control. With its compact size, the grader attachment can work closer to walls, columns and other obstacles than dedicated grading machines. Both the Bobcat box blade and grader attachments may be used with an optional laser control package.

Compact Track Loader with Laser Grader

Laser-Guided Systems

A more precise final grade can be achieved with the Bobcat laser system, as much as +/- .25 inches, therefore, you will save on the costs of material when using a laser-guided system. Even experienced operators cannot be accurate to plus or minus .25 inches over the entire grade. If a flatwork contractor was off by a half-inch on a 300-foot by 300 -foot slab, the extra 138 yards of concrete needed could easily cost more than $13,000. The formula assumes the price per yard of concrete is $95. The cost savings could pay for the laser control system based on this example, and over time could pay for the compact loader, too. Laser-precise grades in one pass minimize errors, lower labor costs and build profits for compact equipment owners.

Erosion Control

How can you decrease the time it takes to install proper erosion controls?

Erosion And Sediment Control On Construction Sites

Bobcat Silt Fence Installer Attachment

Soil erosion is the process of detachment and transportation of soil materials by water, wind, ice and gravity.

Although construction by volume does not cause most sediment pollution, erosion associated with construction sites can be much more rapid than cropland or natural woodland. The 1987 update to the Clean Water Act focused more heavily on storm water management, including:

  • Storm Water Phase 1: 1990's – Five acres or more
  • Storm Water Phase 2: March 2003 – One acre or more affects a much larger number of builders and developments.

Bobcat company offers a wide variety of compact equipment and attachments that can add in the installation of erosion and stormwater controls:

Erosion Control Bobcat Attachments and Equipment
Install Vegetative buffer Seeder, spreader or sod roller
Install Silt fence Silt Fence Installer or Trencher
Lay down Sediment Logs Fork grapple
Cut back curb - dig next to curb below curb level Loaders and buckets
Use topsoil to create a burm or check dam Bobcat excavators and loader backhoes with buckets
Spread mulch, straw Chipper (create), combination bucket (spread), bale spear (move bales)
Add detention ponds that trap sediment Bobcat Excavators and buckets
Protect inlets and outlets with rock Bucket grapple (loader), clamp or rotating grapple (excavator)
Build retaining walls to break up slopes Loaders and excavators with buckets for excavation, spreading base material. Rotating grapple (rock walls), pallet forks to move pavers, plate compactors, etc.
Grading for drainage, drainage ditches or swells Tilt-Tatch, six-way dozer blade, laser box blade & grader (loader) Hydra-tilt and power tilt with grading buckets (excavator)
Cleaning sediment from streets quickly if erosion controls give way Angle broom, sweeper, water kit