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Knocking down blocks was always more fun than stacking them up!
Excavating / Grading
Excavating and Grading Overview

Tougher than your next job.

Demolition demands durability, and so does Bobcat®. Our skid-steer loaders were made for the demolition industry, so world-class strength was built right in – from the solid axles and low-maintenance chaincase, to the heavy-duty steel tailgate and protected hose routings. Whether you’re tearing out the smallest backyard patio or cleaning up major demolition sites, Bobcat’s got you covered with more models, more options and more attachments. More models, ranging from the 36-inch wide loader to loaders with a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds. More options, like a Special Application Kit with Lexan front door.

More Attachments

Use a Bobcat® skid-steer loader with a hydraulic breaker to break up some of the toughest surfaces. The Bobcat drop hammer works best for concrete flatwork demolition because it provides less wear on the machine and less noise for the operator. When needing to perform partial removal of road material, you can use the Bobcat planer attachment to quickly mill areas.

Demolition with Grapple Attachment

Demolition with Grapple Attachment

Bobcat also manufactures several attachments to sort, haul, load and cleanup all types of materials. In the demolition market, contractors need durable attachments that can withstand the daily stress of working with concrete chunks, rebar, bricks and more. Use and excavator with a grapple or rotating grapple to sort, separate and load materials. With the industrial fork grapple, dirt falls through the bottom tines to ease sorting of demo waste and reduce weight dumping fees. To clean up the dirt left behind, simply attach the angle broom to quickly sweep the dirt off driveways, parking lots and roadways.