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Knocking down blocks was always more fun than stacking them up!
Excavating / Grading
Excavating and Grading Overview

What's the most efficient way to excavate?

There's a reason they're called excavators.

Bobcat Compact Excavator
Bobcat compact excavators excel at excavating material. 360 house rotation rotation allows you the most options for placing spoil. The work group (arm) on a Bobcat excavator is offset to the right of the operator to give a clear view of the working are. Bobcat exclusive In-Track Swing Frame gives you the ability to truly dig flush up against an obstacle and increasing your ability to work in tight areas when in an offset dig position.
Compact Track Loader with Combination Bucket
Another combination that excels at excavating is a Bobcat compact track loader and combination bucket attachment with teeth. With more surface area in contact with the ground, compact track loaders provide more tractive effort than wheeled compact loaders. The pushing force of Bobcat compact track loaders is second to none due to direct-drive motors, a solid-mounted undercarriage, and a balance between machine weight and horsepower. A combination bucket with teeth is a versatile tool for just about everything - as a standard bucket for digging, loading, carrying and dumping; as a grapple to grip move and load logs, concrete chunks or other bulky objects; or as a blade for heavy-duty dozing and leveling.
Bobcat Backhoe Attachments
If you have a loader and still need to to some "excavator" style excavating, Bobcat also offers 2 style of backhoe attachments for loaders: The Bobcat Backhoe attachment and Bobcat Bob-Tach Backhoe attachment.