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Do More Than Dig With Compact Excavator Attachments

Although compact excavators (mini excavators) are known for their digging capabilities, they can do so much more. With more than a dozen approved compact excavator attachments, you can maximize your equipment investment and limit the need for multiple machines.

Bobcat® compact excavators have your business expansion built right in, and nobody offers more attachments. Whether it’s breaking concrete, tearing down buildings or drilling tree holes, Bobcat attachments help you take on new jobs and get more from your machine. You can even share some of the same attachments that fit on your Bobcat loaders.

Compact Excavator Attachments

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Ready For Attachments Now

With many excavators, the quick-tach system, hoses and couplers, controls and clamp mounts can be pricey add-ons. Bobcat excavators are different. With more standard equipment, most Bobcat compact excavators are ready for breakers, augers, plate compactors and more:

  • Exclusive X-Change™ attachment mounting system
  • Quick couplers
  • Clamp mounts
  • Fingertip controls come standard on a majority of our excavators.
Bobcat Advantage Videos

In this video, see why Bobcat compact excavators are better equipped for your attachment needs.

Precise, Low-Fatigue Attachment Control

The auxiliary hydraulic controls are at the fingertips providing precision control and low-fatigue operation. Exclusive features include:

  • Variable Flow: Control attachment speed or move a clamp precisely
  • Detent: Provides continuous flow for attachments such as augers and plate compactors.
  • Quick Couplers: Auxiliary quick couplers are conveniently located on the boom, keeping them up out of the trench and out of harm's way.
  • Clamp Ready: Clamp mounts are integrated into the dipper arm for maximum durability. There's no welding required to add a clamp.
  • X-Change®: System: Bobcat's exclusive system allows you to change attachments quickly.
  • Fingertip Boom Swing Control: Swing the boom with your fingertips so you can do more, faster.
Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch this video to see how Bobcat excavators give you the ability to control multiple machine functions at the same time – and see why other excavators fall short.

Hydraulic X-Change

If you want the most convenient attachment changes in the industry, choose the optional Hydraulic X-Change® system. Activate the hydraulic pins at the flip of a switch; retract for attachment removal or extend for attachment hook up. Install the retainer pins before operating.

Attachment capabilities make a big impact on your productivity. When attachment changes are simple, operators are more likely to use the proper-sized bucket and the best attachment for the job. That can mean fuel savings, less time spent backfilling and less wear and tear on your machine.

The Bobcat Hydraulic X-Change maintains optimal "pin-on" bucket geometry - so that arm and bucket force are not compromised.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Attachment changes should be easy. Watch these videos to see the industry's fastest, most efficient attachment X-Change system in action.

Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow

Many Bobcat excavators are equipped with Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulics. This feature allows the operator to select one of three flow rates to optimize the response of particular hydraulic attachments. At the press of a button, simply select between three flow levels:

  • One flow level is for attachments requiring maximum flow including breakers, plate compactors and augers.
  • Another flow level is for clamp operation.
  • For more precise control, another flow level is available when operating items such as the Hydra-TiltTM swing accessory or PowerTilt® swing accessory.

Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics

Add Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics to your Bobcat compact excavator to run the rotating clamshell or rotating grapple attachments.

Quick Couplers

Auxiliary quick couplers are conveniently located on the boom, out of the trench and out of harm's way.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

For maximum versatility, Bobcat compact excavators have a standard clamp mount, quick couplers and quick-tach system. Watch this video to see how others are equipped.

Clamp Ready

There's no welding to add a clamp. Mounts are integrated into the dipper arm for maximum durability.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Bobcat attachments are built better. See for yourself and compare Bobcat clamps against others.