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New M-Series
Choosing an Excavator
Why Bobcat Compact Excavators?
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Choosing an Excavator

Don't let their small size fool you; compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) are powerful digging machines that are anything but "mini." Bobcat® compact excavators with advanced hydraulic systems can often outperform larger tractor loader backhoes, which are limited to only 180 degrees of workgroup movement. The house on a Bobcat compact excavator can continuously rotate 360 degrees. This allows for enhanced spoil placement, superior visibility and reduces repositioning for work in tighter spaces. A tracked undercarriage gives you additional benefits like superior flotation compared to a wheeled machine. Also, compact excavators use less fuel and can be hauled with lighter, more fuel-efficient trucks, keeping your hourly costs down.

Greater Flexibility

When working next to objects, an excavator gives you much more flexibility. In this situation, a tractor loader backhoe may be limited to only 45 degrees of workgroup movement. The excavator excels at the same situation by having up to 180 degrees of movement—allowing you to place spoil where you need to, or even load a truck behind the machine.

Independent boom swing

Provides offset digging capabilities, enabling you to dig square holes, or on each side of a buried utility without repositioning the machine. Try that without repositioning your backhoe!

Bobcat Advantage Videos

In-Track Swing Frame helps you rotate the house with more confidence in tighter areas. Watch this simple comparison to see it in action.

Operator offset on a compact excavator

Positions the operator to the side of the boom for an unobstructed view of the attachment. On a tractor loader backhoe, you have to lean around the boom to see the attachment.

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