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Conventional House vs. Zero Tail Swing



Conventional house or Zero House Swing? Extendable arm or standard power arm? A lightweight model or a heavy-duty machine? There are many things to consider when choosing an excavator. However, it’s easy to choose the right brand. No matter what features you’re looking for, Bobcat has you covered. A zero tail swing (ZTS) or Zero House Swing (ZHS) excavator gives you more unrestricted rotation and provides greater flexibility if you are constantly working close to objects, or against a wall. Generally speaking, zero tail swing excavators are a little wider than a conventional swing excavator. If your biggest obstacle is gaining access, like squeezing your way into a gate, or maneuvering into a crowded backyard, a conventional compact excavator can take you there.

How Low Can You Go?

Bobcat covers a wide range of digging depths for a wide range of job possibilities—from five feet to nearly fourteen feet! Bobcat excavators deliver the operating weight you need to perform, and they’re easy to tow. Depending on the model, a half-ton or two-ton truck may do the job.

Optional Arms

Bobcat gives you different arm configurations on certain models. Optional arms allow you to configure the excavator based on how you will be using it.
  • Standard Power Arm – If all you are concerned about is digging and lifting performance, then the shorter power arm should be your selection. The power arm gives you maximum breakout force and lifting ability.
  • Long Arm – If you need more reach and dig depth, equip your machine with the optional long arm (available on certain models). The longer dipper arm reaches farther from one spot to do more work without repositioning the machine. The extra reach, combined with a higher dump height, also makes loading trucks faster and easier.
  • Extendable Arm – The extendable arm is basically a telescoping arm that gives you the best of both worlds — power and lifting performance with the ability to extend the machine’s dig depth and reach when you need it.

Retractable Undercarriage

The 324 and 418 Bobcat® compact excavators feature a hydraulically activated retractable undercarriage. Retract the track to squeeze through the tightest access points. Expand it for enhanced lifting and trenching capabilities.