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Compact Excavators
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Choosing an Excavator
Why Bobcat Compact Excavators?
Excavator Basics
Customize Your Excavator
Tier 4

Customize Your Excavator With These Great Options!

More Comfort = More Productivity

You have the option to choose a Bobcat compact excavator enclosed cab with heat or heat & air conditioning. Both feature strategically positioned heat and/or air-conditioning vents to direct air flow where you need it most. Learn More

At least add a radio! Bobcat Excavators come radio ready with speakers, antennae, receiver dock and wiring built in — just order the radio unit and slide it in place. Learn More

NEW! Angle Blade Option Enhances Productivity

This option, which provides 25 degrees left or right angle, allows you to direct spoil from one side of the blade to the other, minimizing "trailers" left on both sides of the blade. In many applications, the Angle Blade can expedite grading and backfilling tasks. Learn More

Theft Protection and More

Keyless Start

Reduce the risk of loss due to theft or unauthorized use by equipping your excavator with the optional Keyless Start. This simple option also makes sure no time is lost on your worksite when you or your employees forget the keys in the shop. Learn More

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch this video to see why Keyless Start is such a valuable option – and learn which brands offer it.

Upgrade Your Undercarriage

Steel Tracks

If you need tracks that will stand up in extreme conditions where an excess of sharp materials might damage rubber tracks, you have the option of equipping your Bobcat Compact Excavator with steel tracks (available on most models).

Hydraulic X-Change System

If you want the most convenient attachment changes in the industry, purchase the optional Hydraulic X-Change™. Activate the hydraulic pins at the flip of a switch; retract for attachment removal or extend for attachment hook up. Install the retainer pins before operating.

Attachment capabilities make a big impact on your productivity. When attachment changes are simple, operators are more likely to use the proper-sized bucket and the best attachment for the job. That can mean fuel savings, less time spent backfilling and less wear and tear on your machine. The Bobcat Hydraulic X-Change™ maintains optimal "pin-on" bucket geometry — so that arm and bucket force are not compromised.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Attachment changes should be easy. Watch these videos to see the industry's fastest, most efficient attachment X-Change™ system in action.

Optional Arm Configurations

Bobcat offers you different arm configurations on certain models. Optional arms allow you to configure the excavator based on how you will be using it.

  • Standard Power Arm — If all you are concerned about is digging and lifting performance, then the shorter power arm should be your selection. The power arm gives you maximum breakout force and lifting ability.
  • Long Arm — If you need more reach and dig depth, equip your machine with the optional long arm (available on certain models). The longer dipper arm reaches farther from one spot to do more work without repositioning the machine. The extra reach, combined with a higher dump height, also makes loading trucks faster and easier.
  • Extendable Arm — The extendable arm is basically a telescoping arm that gives you the best of both worlds — power and lifting performance with the ability to extend the machine's dig depth and reach when you need it.

More Great Options

  • Strobe Kit
  • Travel Motion Alarm Kit
  • Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulic Kit