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Angle Blade Available as Option for Some Bobcat Excavator Models

Many Bobcat excavator models can now be ordered with the Hydraulic Angle Blade option, with a combination of features which no other compact excavator manufacturer can provide. This option, which provides 25 degrees left or right angle, allows you to direct spoil from one side of the blade to the other, minimizing "trailers" left on both sides of the blade. Check the specifications table on the Bobcat excavator model pages to see if the angle blade is available for that model.

The Angle Blade Option offers 25 degrees of angle to the left or right.

The Angle Blade Option offers 25 degrees of angle to the left or right.

The Bobcat Angle Blade features a bolt-on, reversible cutting edge, providing extended service life and reduced operating costs. The excavators' "dual blade cylinder" design also provides superior protection of the cylinders and fittings. In addition, the dual cylinder arrangement minimizes build up of material on the blade structure, so thereís less chance of material falling off on the street when the job is done.

In many applications, the Angle Blade can expedite grading and backfilling tasks. Some of the key opportunities for the Angle Blade option include the landscape, utility and construction markets.