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Compact Excavator / Performance Features

Angle Blade

An angle blade is important for fast backfilling and grading. This option allows you to angle your backfill blade 25 degrees left or right. Direct spoil, minimize windrows left by the blade and easily backfill by driving parallel to the trench. Simple, low-effort fingertip controls position the angle blade.

The cylinder design provides superior protection of the cylinders and fittings. It also minimizes the buildup of material on the blade structure, so there’s less chance of material falling off on the street when the job is done.

The blade float simplifies grading, leveling and backfilling. Smoothly finish your work with minimal operator input. To engage the blade float, just push the lever all the way forward.

A one-piece, bolt-on cutting edge is reversible, easy to rotate and simple to replace. Reduce your operating costs by extending the life of your backfill blade.

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with angle blade.