Compact Excavator / Attachment Versatility

Attachments Now

From more standard equipment, to the quality and selection of our attachments, it’s easy to see why Bobcat® compact excavators expand your versatility.

Attachment Selection

Whether it’s breaking concrete, demolishing buildings or drilling tree holes, Bobcat attachments help you take on new jobs and get more use from your compact excavator. Purchase or rent Bobcat attachments to maximize your investment and reduce the need for multiple machines.

The exclusive X-Change™ mounting system (available on most models) makes it easier to use the proper-sized bucket or the best attachment for the job. With more than a dozen attachments to choose from, your Bobcat excavator is not just a digging machine; it’s a versatile tool carrier.

Clamp Ready

It’s easy to add a clamp to your Bobcat® compact excavator. There’s no welding, port relief is standard and mounts are integrated into the arm for maximum durability.

Quick Couplers

The auxiliary quick couplers are conveniently located on the boom, out of the trench and out of harm’s way. On some brands, quick couplers aren’t even standard equipment.

Auxiliary Port Relief

Bobcat® compact excavators are truly “clamp-ready” machines. An auxiliary port relief on the control valve simplifies installation of a hydraulic clamp.

Share Attachments Across Machines

You can even share some of the same attachments that fit your Bobcat loaders. This gives you the most versatility for your dollar as well as improved profitability.