Compact Excavator / Attachment Versatility

Hydraulic X-Change System

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with Hydraulic X-Change System.

The optional Hydraulic X-Change™ attachment mounting system delivers a faster and easier method of changing compact excavator attachments without the need for tools. It eliminates the need to get out of the machine to manually position or align attachment pins during hook-up.

Hydraulically activated retention pins activate by pressing switch inside the cab. It retracts the pins for attachment removal and extends them for attachment hook up, saving time and labor.

Hydraulic X-Change makes it easier to use the proper-sized excavator bucket or the best attachment for the job, improving your efficiency and machine utilization. This leads to fuel savings, less time backfilling and reduced machine wear.

The system was designed to maintain optimal “pin-on” bucket geometry, so that arm and bucket forces aren’t compromised and remain the same as excavators without the option. With this option, you don’t sacrifice performance for easy attachment changes.