Compact Excavator / Uptime Protection Features

Protected Components

No other manufacturer provides so many job-proven features to give you more uptime in the field. Bobcat® compact excavators have more standard features that help you stay on the job longer.

Protected Hydraulic Lines

Bobcat steel hydraulic lines offer better protection than rubber hoses. They’re routed through the lower portion of the boom swing casting and tucked securely into the top area of the boom structure, preventing costly damage and protecting component life. Hoses have more steel tubing, well-designed mounts and minimal fittings.

Robust Work Group

The boom, arm and attachment/bucket offer better lifting performance and even longer durability. Cast pivot joints provide precise pin alignment which lengthens the service life of pivot pins and bushings. The work group easily accomodates a second set of auxiliary hydraulics, so you can add the option faster and for less cost.

Composite Door

The strong yet lightweight composite door withstands years of tough work.

Protected Tailgate

The house structure protects the tailgate and side covers from being damaged.