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E85 Compact Excavator

E85 Exavator

E85 Excavator

As the largest compact excavator in the Bobcat® lineup, the minimal tail swing E85 compact excavator has powerful hydraulics and fast cycle times to power through the most demanding jobs.

Enjoy a roomy cab with a fully- adjustable super deluxe seat, standard deluxe instrumentation and heat and air conditioning. Other features include 250-hour greasing intervals, and joystick controls with offset boom swing and auxiliary controls.

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Model Sections
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Tier 4 Compliant Engine: Meets EPA Tier 4 final compliance.

Auto Idle: Automatically idles the engine when machine functions are not used for four seconds and returns to normal operating throttle when operation resumes.

Piston Pump Hydraulic System: Senses loads, delivers smooth control, and provides exceptional metering. Watch the Bobcat hydraulic system outperform other brands in the Bobcat Advantage Digging Challenge, Lifting Challenge, Slew Challenge, Backfill Challenge and Hydraulic Horsepower Challenge videos.

Clamp Ready: Standard port relief and integrated clamp mount provide for easy addition of the optional hydraulic clamp attachment.

Engineered Work Group: Provides greater lift performance through a refined boom, arm and attachment/bucket; accommodates an optional second set of auxiliary hydraulics. Learn more in the Bobcat Advantage Attachment Readiness video.

Selectable Control Pattern: Easily change between “excavator” and “backhoe” control patterns.

Long Arm With Counterweight: Reach further and do more work before you have to reposition the machine.

Flush Face Quick Couplers: Standard equipped with auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers to power hydraulic attachments. On some brands, quick couplers aren't even standard equipment. Further improve attachment utilization with the optional Pin-Grabber attachment quick coupler accessory. Learn more in the Bobcat Advantage Attachment Readiness video.

Direct-To-Tank Valve: Optimize auxiliary performance for breakers and plate compactors.

Deluxe Instrumentation: Helps you closely monitor key excavator functions. Easy-to-read virtual sweep gauges allow you to quickly read and understand operation levels.

Super Deluxe Seat: Adjust the seat position and angle or position the joysticks exactly where you need there. Enjoy the suspension, lumbar support and limitless configuration for ultimate comfort all day long.

Comfort Cab: Heat and air conditioning combines for a roomy cab, fully-adjustable seat and joystick controls, and excellent climate control for top operator comfort. Change cab airflow with the push of a button.

Finger Tip Controls: Puts boom swing and auxiliary hydraulic controls at your fingertips for precise, low fatigue operation.

Rotary Speed Control Knob: Provides precise throttle control and adjustments.

Storage: Carry gear, paperwork and small tools with you in the cab.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy quiet operation with reduced noise and vibration.

Adjustable Arm Rests: Adjust for maximum comfort.

Floor Mat: Minimize cleanup time with fewer openings where debris can get trapped.

12 Volt Power Supply: Power your phone, MP3 player or other accessories.

Radio Ready: Cab enclosed excavators feature speakers, antenna and a convenient plug in. All you have to do is add the radio.

Boom Cylinder Guard: Protects cylinders, hoses and connections from damage caused by falling objects.

Boom Load Hold Valve: Provides added security when lifting heavy loads.

In-Track Swing Frame: Keeps all components within the tracks, allowing you to work in smaller spaces. Learn the benefits of this design by watching the Bobcat Advantage Boom Advantages video.

Engineered Work Group: Provides greater lift performance through a refined boom, arm and attachment/bucket; accommodates an optional second set of auxiliary hydraulics.

X-Frame Undercarriage: Improves ground clearance and sheds debris for less cleanup time.

Integrated Slew Brakes: Hold loads still and steady for accurate placement during work on slopes and simplifiy transport with easier loading and positioning.

Password Protection: Prevent unauthorized use with owner enabled password start protection system. Learn all the benefits in the Bobcat Advantage Keyless Start video.

Return to Idle: Monitors the engine hydraulic systems and returns the machine to idle if any vital functions are out of range.

Protected Tailgate: Inset house structure protects the tailgate and side cover from being damaged.

Cab Door: Cab Door: Remains within the width of the machine when latched open. In addition, Bobcat offers the largest cab opening on the market. Compare other brands in the Bobcat Advantage Entry Comparison video.

Automatic Glow Plugs: Get easier engine starts in cold temperatures.

Pattern Selector Valve: Pattern selector allows you to change from “excavator” to a “backhoe” control pattern.

Hose Routing: Protects hoses with more steel tubing, well-designed mounts and minimal fittings. Compare other brands by watching the Bobcat Advantage Hose Routing Comparison video.

Greasing Intervals: Spend less time greasing and more time on the job with 250-hour greasing intervals.

Side Access Hood: Easily access all major engine and cooling service areas. See for yourself by watching the Bobcat Advantage Serviceability Comparison video.

Centralized Grease Bank: Grease the slew bearing, slew pinion and swing cylinder from a centralized access point.

Track Tensioning: Simple grease fitting provides easy track tensioning.

Engine Bobcat E85 T4
Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4
Engine Fuel Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2100 RPM
Horsepower 59.4 HP
Turbocharged Engine No
Performance Bobcat E85 T4
Operating Weight 18960 lbs
Weight Class 8.6 t
Travel Speed - High 2.9 mph
Travel Speed - Low 1.7 mph
Arm Digging Force 8069 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 14509 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity 9327 lbs
Lift Radius 118.1 in
Boom Swing - Left 70 deg
Boom Swing - Right 55 deg
Maximum Dig Depth 15.5 ft
Max Dump Height 16.5 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 23.9 ft
Capacities Bobcat E85 T4
Fuel Tank 29.1 gal
Hydraulic System Bobcat E85 T4
Auxiliary Std Flow 25.1 GPM
Auxiliary Pressure 3045 psi
Dimension Bobcat E85 T4
Length 246 in
Overall Length in Travel Position 158.4 in
Width 91 in
Height 104 in
Height with Operator Cab 104 in
Features Bobcat E85 T4
Air Conditioning
Cab Enclosure
Cab Heater
Heater Air Conditioning
Engine Shutdown
Auxiliary Hydraulics
Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics
Quick Tach System
Rubber Track
Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
Angle Blade

Check - Standard     O - Optional     X - Not Available     - - No Data Available

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Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics: Expand attachment control capabilities.

Steel Tracks: Equip your machine to withstand the toughest ground conditions.

Hydraulic Clamp Attachment: Get better control when moving odd-shaped objects and debris.

Pin Grabber, Quick Coupler: Simplify attachment mounting and removal with the available Pin Grabber attachment quick coupler.