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Compact Excavators
New M-Series
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Tier 4

13 Models to Choose From

M-Series: The Reengineered Bobcat Compact Excavators

The best-in-class performance of Bobcat® compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) is now even better. The new M-Series compact excavators deliver stronger performance in a lighter machine. You'll boost production, save labor and produce profits.

M-Series Bobcat compact excavators provide:

  • Smooth, quiet and efficient operation from the redesigned engine, air intake, cooling and exhaust systems, pump and valve design
  • Reduced overall machine weight with increased performance
  • Tremendous digging and lifting performance backed by industry-leading cycle times
  • Impressive tractive performance without having to manually downshift
  • Enhanced travel performance as you travel to different jobsites
  • Lower fuel consumption through the Auto Idle function
  • Productivity-boosting operator comfort for long days on the job
  • Dramatically-reduced sound levels for the operator and bystanders

Find the M-Series compact excavator that's best for your work:

  • E20E20
  • E26E26Minimal Tail Swing
  • E32iE32iConventional Tail Swing
  • E32E32Conventional Tail Swing
  • E35iE35iZero Tail Swing
  • E35E35Zero Tail Swing
  • E42E42Conventional Tail Swing
  • E45E45Zero Tail Swing
  • E50E50Minimal Tail Swing
  • E55E55Minimal Tail Swing
  • E63E63Conventional Tail Swing
  • E85E85Minimal Tail Swing

  • 418418
    Zero Tail Swing