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Compact Excavators
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Tier 4

Auto Idle

Quieter, more efficient operation boosts your productivity. It's simple to communicate on the jobsite, easier to meet noise ordinances, and you can work longer without stopping to refuel.

Auto Idle, a standard feature on all M-Series excavators, automatically idles the engine when machine functions are not used for more than four seconds. It lowers noise considerably, improves jobsite communications and saves fuel. When you move the joystick controls or initiate travel, the compact excavator automatically returns to the previous throttle position.

Auto-Shift Travel

Auto-Shift Travel shifts the compact excavator out of high range and back automatically. You receive superb travel performance without having to manually downshift. When activated, Auto-Shift increases travel performance on demand, so you can focus on the direction and speed. Simply select the range (low/high) and go.