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Bobcat M-Series Compact Excavators (Mini Excavator) Extended Reach

Bobcat® compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) have always delivered peak performance, and M-Series models continue that tradition. Several new or improved features make you more productive, offer reduced engine noise and boost your efficiency.

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Bobcat M-Series Compact Excavators (Mini Excavator) Performance

Get Extended Reach With Extendable Arm Option

Get ultimate reach to finish jobs fast. Bobcat offers the first and only clamp-ready extendable arm option, available on select compact excavators. It delivers an additional 30 inches of reach compared to standard arms, so you can reach farther with less repositioning.

When retracted, the extendable arm delivers tear-out force similar to a standard arm. This option also allows the use of the hydraulic clamp and Hydraulic X-Change™ attachment mounting system, so you can pick up and place materials on the job. Get the power, versatility and extra reach you need — all from a compact machine.

Auto Idle Control

Auto Idle (available on all M-Series models) makes it easier and quieter to pause your work, take a quick break or communicate on the jobsite. It automatically idles the engine when machine functions are not used for more than four seconds. When you move the joystick or engage a travel function, the compact excavator returns to the previous throttle position. In addition to reduced noise, you save fuel. Auto idle can be enabled or disabled as needed. See how Auto Idle provides quieter, efficient operation.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

It's never been this easy to compare compact excavators. Watch these videos to see how Bobcat outperforms other excavators in head-to-head tests.

Auto Shift Travel

As you push into a pile, Auto-Shift (available on E26 through E55 models) provides an on-demand power boost. It automatically transitions the travel motors to and from high range, giving you greater tractive effort with no manual shifting. Simply select the travel speed range and go. A directional lug track provides a smoother ride and less vibration. Learn how Auto-Shift offers superb travel performance.

Superior Boom Swing Control

Control the boom swing and your work with greater ease and precision. A rocker-style thumb switch (E32 and E35), located on the left joystick, improves swing control and provides more floor space. Compared to foot pedals, it's more natural and productive.

Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow

Bobcat E32 through E50 excavators are equipped with Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulics. This feature allows the operator to select one of three flow rates to optimize the response of particular hydraulic attachments. At the press of a button, simply select Aux3, Aux2 or Aux1. Aux3 will provide full flow, Aux2 provides medium flow and Aux1 provides low flow. For example, Aux3 would be the appropriate setting for attachments requiring maximum flow including breakers, plate compactors and augers. An operator may elect to use the medium flow of Aux2 for clamp operation. For more precise control, select Aux1 when operating items such as the Hydra Tilt or Power Tilt accessories.

The Most Convenient Attachment Changes

The exclusive Bobcat X-Change™ mounting system (available on most models) provides multi-attachment capabilities. The mounting system maintains arm-to-bucket geometry so you maintain top bucket breakout force.

For even faster attachment changes, add Hydraulic X-Change to your E32 or E35 compact excavator. Hydraulic X-Change makes it easier to stay productive whether it's switching to the proper-sized bucket or selecting the best attachment for your job. This leads to fuel savings, less time backfilling and reduced machine wear.

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Hydraulic X-Change

Hydraulic X-Change is simple. Flip a switch to activate the hydraulic pins for attachment removal or hook-up. Install the retainer pins before you operate the attachment.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Attachment changes should be easy. Watch these videos to see the industry's fastest, most efficient attachment X-Change system in action.

Strong Digging Performance

The smooth, refined hydraulics help you dig out of tough jobs. Smooth control and exceptional metering are delivered through a new load-sensing piston pump and closed center valve system. The cushioned work group cylinders provide a smooth end-of-stroke as you work.

With the ideal match of force and precision, the Bobcat M-Series models offer true performance. Gain more usable power, a predictable and precise workgroup, steady operation and fast cycle times.

Angle Blade Accuracy

Place spoil where you want it with fewer passes. Equip your Bobcat E35 with the optional M-Series angle blade to receive simultaneous up/down and angle adjustments, up to 25 degrees left or right. Direct spoil, minimize spoil "trailers" left by the blade and easily backfill by driving parallel to the trench. The bolt-on cutting edge is easy to rotate and simple to replace, which reduces your operating costs.