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Compact Excavators That Deliver Steady, Reliable Work

M-Series compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) are always ready for work. Backed by the proven reliability of Bobcat® compact equipment, M-Series models are built to last.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch these videos to see how Bobcat offers better features, smarter design and more dependable performance.

Redesigned Work Group

The redesigned work group features a new boom, arm and attachment/bucket for better lifting performance and even longer durability. The work group easily accommodates an optional second set of auxiliary hydraulics.

Improved Clearance, Less Cleanup

With better ground clearance, the new X-frame undercarriage improves your performance in difficult conditions and sheds debris for less cleanup time. The design places drive motors within the width of the track to protect key components and improve your agility in soft terrain. The recessed motor covers eliminate potential damage and give you added uptime on the job.

Better Slope Work and Easier Transportation

M-Series compact excavator models feature integrated slew brakes. When you work on a slope, the integrated slew brakes hold the load still and steady for more accurate placement. You no longer need to manually engage the slew brakes during transport, which provides flexible brake positioning. It's easier than ever to load and position the machine.

Operate With an Open Cab Door

The M-Series cab allows you to confidently operate with an open cab door. In its locked position, the door remains within the width of the machine and away from obstacles. You can work in tighter conditions while protecting the machine from damage.

Better Work in Tight Areas

The exclusive Bobcat In-Track Swing Frame gets you closer to your work. When you dig in an offset position, the swing castings and cylinders remain within the tracks to help you work in small spaces. You can dig flush against an obstacle. When other compact excavators work in an offset dig position, their components extend outside the tracks and reduce their ability to dig in tight areas.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

In-Track Swing Frame helps you rotate the house with more confidence in tighter areas. Watch this simple comparison to see it in action.

Continuous Engine Monitoring

Bobcat compact excavators are continuously monitored for engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and other key ranges. If a monitored function falls outside its normal operating range, the system sounds an audible alert and displays a warning message. If warranted, the machine will shut down or return to idle to prevent serious failure. The monitoring protects your investment and gives you peace of mind.

Top Machine Diagnostics and Monitoring

Troubleshoot problems in the field or prevent them before they occur. Bobcat compact excavators provide on-board diagnostics to identify and correct problems more quickly.

Keep your E32 and E35 excavator on the job and out of the shop with features throughout the machine:

  • Downloadable machine performance history helps you identify and correct potential problems.
  • During operation, 14 vital machine functions are continuously monitored.
  • Gauges and LCD screens are easy to read in low-light conditions.
  • Sealed connectors and switches ensure water-tight, corrosion-resistant controls and better durability.
  • Automatic glow plugs warm the fuel mixture to the proper ignition temperature for faster, easier starting.
  • Electronic components meet or exceed military requirements for seals, moisture, shock and vibration.
  • Battery run-down protection prevents battery discharge due to vandalism or an operator who forgets to turn off lights.

Theft Prevention

The optional keyless start reduces your risk of theft and unauthorized use. The feature locks the machine and requires a customizable security code to start the machine. Create codes for the owner and up to three operators.

With keyless start, you also eliminate the problem of forgotten or lost keys. The improved security may even result in reduced insurance premiums.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch this video to see why Keyless Start is such a valuable option and learn which brands offer it.