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R-Series Excavators: Everything You Need To Know

Not all excavators are equal. If you need proven performance, more comfort options and better design to maximize your uptime, there’s a revolutionary new lineup of Bobcat® machines that demands a look.

R-Series compact excavators have a bold new look that stands out, but it only hints at the enhanced performance, productivity and comfort beneath the surface.

Start Your Revolution With Two Tough Models.

E32 Compact Excavator

Part of the R-Series, the 3.2-ton Bobcat E32 compact (mini) excavator packs powerful performance and operator comfort into a conventional tail swing design. Bucket breakout forces as strong as 6,968 lb. per foot, help you dig faster through tough soil conditions. The redesigned cab gives you a clear view of the angle blade and your workspace in addition to more room to stretch out during long periods of use. Upgrade to the Hydraulic X-Change™ attachment system to swap out attachments quickly without leaving the cab.

Bobcat E32 R-Series compact (mini) excavator.
Specs table for E32 compact (mini) excavator.

E35 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator – a popular choice in the 3-ton size class – received the R-Series treatment. The completely new cab features larger additional window space, giving you a full view of the angle blade and your worksite. The Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) provides unrestricted rotation and reduces potential for damage. Upgrade to an optional 33-hp engine for even more productivity.

Bobcat E35 R-Series compact (mini) excavator.
Specs table for E35 compact (mini) excavator.

Take A Closer Look At The New Features

More Lift-Over-Side Capacity

With the new dual-flange rollers and the integrated rear counterweight, lift over side performance increased by 15 percent. You can lift bigger loads and increase your productivity.

Improved Ride Quality

Experience a ride quality that’s smoother, more stable and more comfortable than ever before.

New Cab, More Comfort

When you step inside the R-Series cab, you’ll see refinements everywhere you look. A larger suspension seat, better joystick material, foldable foot pedals and nearly 30 percent more floor space will keep you working comfortably all day long.

Increased Visibility

You’ll see your work better than ever with windows that surround your operator station. R-Series excavators have 15 percent more glass surface area, including an improved top window and narrower side pillars that provide better visibility.

Automatic Climate Control

Set your temperature and forget it. With climate control, your machine automatically adjusts the heat/air-conditioning and airflow to keep you comfortable, freeing you up to focus on your work. An optional heated seat provides added comfort while working in cold temperatures.

Reduced Vibration

Inside the R-Series cab, you’ll experience reduced vibration. Many features contribute to the improvement, including a dual-flange track roller system, a tighter connection between body panels and robust hinges and latches. Sign up to receive additional product updates.

Increased Downward Blade Positioning

Adjust your blade to the ideal position for your work with 33 percent more downward motion. A full 12 degrees of range helps you stabilize your excavator when digging on an uneven surface or trenching at an angle.

Easy Machine Tie Downs

Prepare your excavator for transport with four easy-access tie-down points. Straightforward trailering means you can get to your next jobsite faster and back to work sooner.

Operator Friendly Controls

A second auxiliary thumb toggle lets you switch between the second auxiliary and the boom-offset without letting go of the joystick. You don’t have to stop what you are doing to search for the switch as it is located at your fingertips on the left joystick.

Ready to see how R-Series excavator models stack up? Use our build and quote tool to compare specs, option packages, and attachments. Then, send the configuration directly to your local dealer for a fast price quote.

In-Cab Pattern Selector

Access to the pattern control selector is easier than ever. The new location lets you choose between ISO and Standard patterns without leaving the operator’s seat.

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