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More Horsepower

When you purchase your trucks, do you purchase the smallest-horsepower engine available? The same reason you demand more horsepower in your trucks is the same reason you should demand it in your compact excavators; more power means more performance under load. We pack in more horsepower than other manufacturers' producing excavators with superior performance under load as well as improved compound use of multiple functions. This loaded performance is easily measured in increased slew torque, faster cycle times and maximum auxiliary hydraulic performance. The end result is more work per hour in the toughest conditions and increased attachment performance.

Horsepower to weight graph
Hydaulic Horsepower graph

HP to Weight

Bobcat® excavators have more engine horsepower than other brands of the same size.

Hydraulic Horsepower

By having more engine horsepower, Bobcat excavators generate more hydraulic horsepower where it counts ó under maximum flow and maximum pressure. This allows the excavator to utilize flow at higher pressures, which translates into faster cycle times under load. Simply put, they dig stronger and faster.