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Compact Excavators
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Bobcat Compact Excavators Outperform Larger Equipment

Bobcat® compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) – including the new M-Series models – are ideal for your earthmoving applications. Choose from multiple dig depths, three arm configurations and three tail swing configurations. All models feature the exclusive Bobcat all-hydrostatic drive system and industry-leading operator comfort.

Speed, Power and Response

Bobcat compact excavators are smooth and fast. The advanced hydraulics deliver consistent oil flow to all functions, which gives you consistent operation without sacrificing cycle times. Try Bobcat compact excavators against other brands as you load trucks, place boulders or perform trenching. As you'll discover, the job goes faster with Bobcat compact excavators.

Better Performance Under Load

As you evaluate compact excavators, feel the balance between the hydraulic system and engine horsepower. With a closed center valve, piston pump, load-sensing hydraulics and cushioned cylinders, each Bobcat model is engineered to provide maximum power, speed, predictability and control. The workgroup maintains brute arm and bucket forces in demanding conditions. More power means more production – and more profit.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Other excavators can't match the performance of Bobcat compact excavators. Watch these videos and see for yourself.

Continuous Rotation

The house on Bobcat compact excavators can continuously rotate 360 degrees. You gain enhanced spoil placement, superior visibility and less repositioning in tight spaces. The in-track swing frame keeps swing castings and cylinders within the tracks, helping you dig in an offset position.

Offset Digging

The independent boom swing provides offset digging capabilities. Dig square holes, or access each side of a buried utility without repositioning the machine. Watch the independent boom swing in action.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

In-Track Swing Frame helps you rotate the house with more confidence in tighter areas. Watch this simple comparison to see it in action.

Better View of Your Work

Because the boom is positioned to the side, you receive an unobstructed view of your work. With a tractor loader backhoe, you must lean around the boom to see the bucket or attachment. See the view from a Bobcat compact excavator.

Greater Flexibility

When working next to objects, an excavator gives you much more flexibility. In this situation, a tractor loader backhoe may be limited to only 45 degrees of workgroup movement. The excavator excels at the same situation by having up to 180 degrees of movement—allowing you to place spoil where you need to, or even load a truck behind the machine.

Do More Than Dig

Purchase or rent Bobcat attachments to maximize your investment and reduce the need for multiple machines. The exclusive X-Change™ mounting system (available on most models) makes it easy to use the proper-sized bucket or the best attachment for the job.

For the industry's most convenient attachment changes, add the optional Hydraulic X-Change (available on most models). Flip a switch to activate the hydraulic pins for attachment removal or hook-up. Install the retainer pins before you operate the attachment. The "pin-on" bucket geometry ensures the arm and bucket force are not compromised.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

From the Bobcat X-Change™ system to the quality of our attachments, see why Bobcat expands your versatility.

Simplified Maintenance

Bobcat makes it easy to perform daily engine checks and ongoing maintenance. The swing-open tailgate and side access hood provide exceptional access to the engine, pump package, valve bank and cooling system. Perform the important preventive maintenance and minimize downtime.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

In this video, compare other excavators side-by-side and see how Bobcat machines help you minimize shop time.