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Uptime Protection

No other manufacturer provides so many job-proven features to give you more uptime in the field. Standard features such as machine shutdown, battery rundown protection, on-board diagnostics and sealed connectors all help you stay on the job longer. Uptime protection not only means you can stay in the field longer, it protects your investment for a greater resale.

Keyless Start

Reduce the risk of loss due to theft or unauthorized use by equipping your excavator with the optional keyless start. This simple option makes sure no time is lost on your worksite when you forget your keys in the shop.

Machine Shutdown Protection Feature

To protect your investment, a majority of Bobcat excavators come standard with automatic shutdown that monitors the machine’s engine parameters and hydraulic functions. It will alert the operator and actually shut the machine down–lessening the chance of catastrophic damage to the engine or hydraulic components.

Electronic Protection

Bobcat electronics aren’t just durable; they meet or exceed military IP67 requirements for sealing, moisture, shock and vibration. This gives you the confidence to power wash your excavator without having to worry if it will start when you are finished.


Bobcat Diagnostics
Bobcat provides on-board diagnostics to efficiently troubleshoot problems in the field or prevent them before they occur—reducing downtime for you. Downloadable machine performance history also cuts a huge chunk out of the time needed to identify problems and correct them.

Battery Run-Down Protection

Bobcat Battery Run-down Protection
The lighting circuit automatically shuts down to prevent accidental battery discharge. It is voltage sensitive, and will turn the lights off prior to battery discharge. This minimizes the impact of vandalism or when lights are left on after the work is done.

Sealed Connectors

Bobcat Sealed Connectors
Bobcat won’t let you down. All the controls and electrical systems are engineered for durability and peace of mind. Bobcat features more watertight, corrosion-resistant connectors than other manufacturers. This extra step ensures a simple connector issue will not slow you down on the job.

Automatic Glow Plugs

Bobcat uses automatic glow plugs to warm the fuel mixture within the engine when it is started at a cooler temperature. The glow plugs increase the fuel mixture up to the proper ignition temperature for a faster- and easier-starting machine. This leads to longer life for the engine and starter.

Bobcat Cylinders

Bobcat’s manufacturing process produces cylinders that have significant durability advantages:
  • Patented Inertia-Welded Cylinders have no voids (gaps) in the weld producing a stronger cylinder with up to five times more cycle life than conventionally welded cylinders.
  • Hydraulically cushioned cylinders offer smoother operation on extension and retraction for longer cylinder life.