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Versahandler unloads manure

Livestock producers can expect durable, versatile compact equipment from Bobcat to handle any chore. Make life easier at your feedlot or cow-calf operation with a variety of labor-saving Bobcat® compact loaders, VersaHandler® telescopic tool carriers, the Toolcat™ utility work machine and utility vehicles, not to mention time-saving attachments.

Attachments are one of many reasons compact equipment has become popular in the livestock industry. You can perform seemingly endless tasks with one machine and several attachments, such as hauling manure with a farm/utility grapple and bucket, moving hay bales with a bale fork, clearing overgrown grass and small saplings with a Brushcat™ rotary cutter, clearing trees with a brush saw, installing fence posts with an auger, or pushing snow with a blade or blower. Your Bobcat equipment is meant for year-round use with machine options such as heated and air-conditioned cabs.

Bale Fork Attachment

Transport feed for cattle or clean feedlots with a Bobcat compact track loader. It can easily maneuver through mud, sand, manure and any type of soft soil. Or clean barns with a skid-steer loader. The compact size of the equipment provides access to areas where larger machines can't, reducing manual labor significantly and saving valuable time. Designed with farmers and ranchers in mind, Bobcat skid-steer loaders include protected axle hubs, which prevent hay, straw and twine from wrapping around axles and damaging seals.

If you're considering a larger machine, a VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier can be the answer. These sturdy machines reduce feeding time by lifting bales over fences. With lift heights from 16 to 38 feet, you can stack hay bales efficiently in barns to maximize space. Bobcat telescopic tool carriers offer a tight turning radius with the all-wheel steer feature, for easy work in confined spaces.

Whether you're repairing fence lines, hauling hay or simply checking on cattle, the Toolcat utility work machines and Bobcat utility vehicles make tough jobs easier. Perhaps the most versatile machine on the farm, the Toolcat utility work machine works great for hauling, towing, mowing, digging and cleanup chores, all from the comfort of a climate-controlled, enclosed cab. Work just got a lot easier.

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