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The New T110
General Agriculture
Agriculture Overview

Livestock Chores

Those critters are demanding, no question about it — but you can get a lot more done in a lot less time with a Toolcat utility work machine. In the barnyard or in the field, a Toolcat 5600 helps you handle more chores faster.

Hauling and Towing

The Bobcat 3400 4x4 utility vehicle transports you, a passenger and up to 800 lb. of cargo for all of your chores and projects. Travel up to 25 mph and get instant traction with IntelliTrak®, the industry’s first fully-automatic on-demand four-wheel drive system.

Save time – and your back – with the powered cargo dump box. Avoid shoveling rock, wood, dirt and other materials out of a pickup box. For other tasks, use the two-inch rear receiver hitch to pull a trailer or implements.


When you're putting up fence, Bobcat equipment works as hard as a hired hand. With an auger on the front, tools and fencing materials in the cargo bed, and a passenger in the cab, you have one-stop fencing on wheels with the Toolcat 5600 utility work machine. The powerful S250 skid-steer loader can easily load and unload fencing materials with its vertical lift path capability. With travel speeds up to 25 mph, the 3400 4x4 utility vehicle moves people and fencing materials quickly.

Putting up fences becomes much easier work with the help of multi-tasking Bobcat equipment.


When the job calls for cleaning up the stuff you encounter around your farm, you need a Bobcat skid-steer loader. It moves tons in minutes, even in cramped spaces. Agility. Strength. Versatility. Cleanup isn't so bad after all.

While your acreage can get awfully dirty in places, Bobcat engines are designed to stay clean. The dual path cooling system reduces the chance for debris to enter the machine. When it's time for maintenance or service, you can easily reach the transverse mounted engine just behind the swing-open tailgate. Just a few of the many reasons Bobcat compact equipment is preferred in agriculture.

Land Maintenance

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And there's nothing tougher than a Bobcat compact track loader with a flail cutter attachment. Tough, yet well behaved. The durable rubber tracks drive and push through mud, float across fill and tread lightly on turf. Power. Traction. And a smooth ride, whether you're mowing down clover or 3-inch saplings.

When you're not cutting grass or plowing snow, you're grading roads or turning wooded acreage into tillable fields. It's a good thing your Bobcat dealer has attachments for sale or rent that make every task routine. With the right attachment, one Bobcat machine can do a multitude of jobs.