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Posted: 02/03/2016

Unmatched Versatility with 40+ Attachments

Unmatched Versatility with 40+ Attachments

Toolcat™ utility work machines help you maximize your production and return on investment by connecting with more than 40 front-mounted attachments to eliminate the need to move from one machine to another to complete a variety of tasks.

You can mow in the morning, remove downed trees in the afternoon and dig post holes in the evening. It’s an investment you can leverage a different way, every day — all year-round.

Choose from more than 40 different attachments available for Toolcat 5600 and 5610 utility work machines, including:

  1. Angle Broom — Sweep to quickly remove snow or debris without damaging pavement surfaces.
  2. Auger — Dig holes for trees or fence posts with speed and plumb-line accuracy.
  3. Bale Fork — Haul bales easily and more efficiently.
  4. Box Blade — Fill in low spots, push material and bring surfaces to grade.
  5. Brushcat™ rotary cutter — Mulch branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter and cut through the thickest grass and brush.
  6. Dig or handle materials with the industry’s biggest and best-built selection of buckets available from Bobcat Company including: General Bucket
  7. Rock Bucket (See #7)
  8. Snow Bucket  & Light Material Bucket (See #7)
  9. Chipper — Eliminate tree limbs, branches and other debris quickly, safely and easily.
  10. Combination Bucket — Use for dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading and dumping. Use as a bucket, dozer blade, box blade or grapple.
  11. Dozer Blade — Level, pile, grade loose dirt, gravel or sand, backfill, create runoff grades and sculpt landscaping.
  12. Dumping Hopper — Move sand, gravel, concrete, topsoil and other bulk materials around the jobsite.
  13. Flail Cutter — Cut and clear brush and small trees up to 3 inches in diameter.
  14. Grader — Use it for grading in landscaping, asphalt, curb, gutter and concrete flatwork.
  15. Utility Grapple — Grip loose hay, bedding, manure and large rocks.
  16. Grapple/Industrial — Grab and hold bulky material and hard-to-manage objects in an industrial or construction setting.
  17. Landplane — Break up hard ground and soil clods, move materials and sift soil to remove large rocks.
  18. Landscape Rake — Rake and collect surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil.
  19. Mower — Mow in rough-cut applications such as road ditch right-of-way, golf course roughs and large acreages.
  20. Pallet Fork — Move bulky, bagged or palletized material quickly and easily.
  21. Sand/Salt Spreader for Toolcat 5600— Mounts in the cargo box and can hold more material for larger spreading jobs. Because the spreader mounts in the rear of the utility work machine, you can use a front mounted attachment such as a blade, blower or broom to clear snow before spreading.
  22. Scraper — Remove stubborn, packed-on mud, snow and ice from surfaces.
  23. Seeder — Get accurate seed placement and adjustable metering for proper spacing at precisely the right depth.
  24. Snow Blade — Remove light or moderate snow from surfaces quickly and easily.
  25. Snow Pusher — Follow ground contours with a floating blade that oscillates left and right.
  26. Snow V-Blade — Plow through the deepest snow using fingertip adjustments of five blade configurations.
  27. Snow Blower — Throws snow up to 40 feet for fast cleanup.
  28. Sod Layer — Carry and lay a roll of sod up to 4 feet wide in seconds.
  29. Soil Conditioner — Smooth ruts, move material or level mounds quicker and with less labor. Break up soil clods and level soil.
  30. Spreader — Spread virtually any dry, free-flowing granular material quickly and easily. Great for spreading sand/salt in winter.
  31. Stump Grinder — Grind an entire stump without repositioning.
  32. Sweeper — Sweep, collect and dump dirt and other debris with just one attachment.
  33. 3-Point Adapter — Use this adapter with approved Category I and II implements.
  34. Tiller — Break up ground and mix compost and other materials into soil.
  35. Tilt-Tatch™ — Rotate non-hydraulic attachments up to 15 degrees in either direction with this attachment.
  36. Trencher — Tackle tough trenching jobs with ease, up to 3 feet deep and 8 inches wide.
  37. Utility Fork — Handle bundled material, loose straw, manure and other hard-to-grab materials. 
The Toolcat 5610 model also allows you to attach your existing 3-point Category 1 hitch implements and perform tasks typically reserved for a compact tractor.  This means you can operate one front-mounted hydraulic attachment/implement and one rear-mounted non-hydraulic attachment/implement at the same time.


Toolcat 5600 utility work machine with mower attachment mows grass at a resort.
Toolcat 5600 utility work machine tilling with a soil tiller attachment.
5610 Toolcat utility work machine with a snowblower attachment blowing through a large snow drift.
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