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Posted: 11/30/2015

Attachments Make It Easy to Deliver Full Service

John Rush

John Rush, like tens of thousands of other Bobcat® compact equipment owners, depends on genuine Bobcat attachments to drive his business success. As the worldwide leader in manufacturing attachments — no one makes as many models or options as Bobcat Company.

“In our business — commercial property maintenance — clients today want to deal with one provider instead of several,” Rush says. “They want to make a single phone call and get the work done. This avoids them wasting their time on maintaining the property themselves, managing different suppliers and finger pointing between vendors.

However, in order to be the preferred one-stop choice, you need the right equipment to meet the variety of jobs you will have to handle. That’s where our Bobcat skid-steer loaders and attachments give us an advantage.”

Expanding With Attachments

Rush Management Inc., located in the Denver suburb of Lafayette, Colorado, is a full-service firm that provides lawn care, landscape installations, parking lot sweeping, asphalt repair and snow removal.

In 2003, when Rush took over the company for his retiring father, Dick, parking lot sweeping and snow removal were about the extent of the firm’s business.

“My vision was to expand and capitalize on the direction customers seemed to be heading; that is, hire one firm to do all the outside property maintenance,” he says. “By taking this approach, we have been able to develop a wide-ranging customer base —  from single-owner buildings to large big-box retailers, strip malls and medium-size shopping centers.”

To help achieve his goal of packaging all of a client’s needs, Rush purchased his first Bobcat skid-steer loader in 2006 from the Bobcat of the Rockies dealership in Golden.

“The dealer is great, and so is the Bobcat equipment,” Rush says. “The loaders and attachments have been very helpful in growing the business.”

Currently, Rush Management has four Bobcat skid-steer loaders along with a variety of attachments to get the most out of its machines. The company’s attachments include:

  • Auger: planting trees
  • Brushcat™ rotary cutter: mowing fields for property owners
  • Buckets: digging, carrying soil, grading
  • Hydraulic breaker: making concrete and asphalt repairs
  • Pallet forks: moving materials around jobsites, loading and unloading trucks
  • Snow blade: removing snow in areas where access is limited
  • Four 10-foot snow pushers: moving large amounts of snow at strip malls and medium-sized shopping centers
  • Trencher: installing irrigation systems

Rentals Increase Opportunities

Rush also regularly rents attachments from his dealer, which allows him to do even more work for his customers.

“Customers like the fact that Bobcat attachments allow me to bring the right equipment to whatever the project.  In this business, the versatility of Bobcat equipment and the availability of so many different attachments can make a real impact.”

With clients up and down Colorado’s front range, including as far north as Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company continues to grow. The reason, says Rush, is his motto: under-promise and over-deliver. A lineup of job-matched Bobcat attachments is one of the ways he expects to make good on that promise.

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