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Posted: 11/30/2015

Radio Remote Control System Improves Operator Efficiency

Radio Remote Control

The new Radio Remote Control System from Bobcat is saving operators time and improving efficiencies at the New Orleans, La., cement terminal for Holcim (US), one of the largest cement manufacturers in the country. The company’s operators are some of the first in the United States to utilize this new technology to unload bulk cement from barges in canals between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain.

Troy Cooper is the terminal manager for Holcim (US). He oversees operators who previously sat in a skid-steer loader unloading the barges for up to eight hours a day. Now those same operators can comfortably operate the company’s Bobcat® S220 skid-steer loader with the radio remote control transmitter from an air-conditioned platform.

“The Bobcat S220 skid-steer loader cleans off the bottom of the barge to get the excess product that the vacuum can’t reach,” Cooper says. “We previously used a different skid-steer loader brand until Duhon Machinery demonstrated the Bobcat loader and radio remote control. We switched because it allowed us to take the operator out of the machine and let him work in a comfortable environment.”

With an easy-to-use radio remote control transmitter, an operator can start the loader engine and operate the drive, lift, tilt and auxiliary hydraulic functions. Cooper estimates that the improved efficiency from the remote control transmitter cuts unloading time by approximately 30 minutes a day.

“The radio remote control system takes the operator out of the environment and gives him a bird’s eye view of the work area from the platform,” Cooper says.

“Since Duhon Machinery delivered the machine in June, the guys are smiling every day when they come to work.”

Cooper says that although this was the first Bobcat skid-steer loader purchase at his terminal, he’s not worried about the product or service. “I feel confident with the sales and service I receive from Duhon — we have an excellent relationship with the dealership,” he says.

A Bobcat Loader Radio Remote Control Operator Training Kit was instrumental in helping Cooper’s operators learn how to properly use the new system. “The training materials made it very simple for us to quickly train the operators how to use the transmitter to control the loader,” he says.

NOTE: The Bobcat Loader Radio Remote Control System is not approved for certain types of hazardous or explosive environments (see the Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual for more information about approved applications and attachments).

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