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Posted: 02/04/2016

Hundreds of Jobs – 2 Incredible Machines

The Toolcat™ 5600 and 5610 utility work machines can lift, haul and use more than 40 attachments to complete any job. In addition, the Toolcat 5610 has options for 3-point hitch, rear PTO and rear remote hydraulics. Both models provide unmatched ride, performance and versatility.

Imagine the time you could save by not slowing down to start up another machine. With the Toolcat 5600 or 5610, you can reclaim valuable space because you won’t have to store equipment that gets used only occasionally. And, you can cut the extra costs of maintaining multiple machines. One Toolcat utility work machine does the work of a pickup, skid-steer loader, tractor, utility vehicle - and more.

Toolcat work machines can comfortably transport two people and all their tools to a site and finish the job in one trip. The four-wheel independent suspension system and automotive-inspired cab features, including foot pedals, adjustable seats, and adjustable tilt steering wheel, give the Toolcat models the fit, finish and comfort of an automobile. At the same time, these rugged machines are built to Bobcat® equipment standards - so they power through tough jobs with ease.

Haul like a pickup.

Tow 4,000 pounds with the standard 2-inch receiver hitch. The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 have all-wheel steering for working on sensitive surfaces, and four-wheel drive to travel through the toughest soil conditions. Unlike a truck, Toolcat utility work machines can lift materials and level ground. They have an amazingly tight turning radius - smaller than most ATVs - allowing you to maneuver in the tightest spaces. The hydrostatic braking system and multi-disc wet brakes give you confidence when towing. Haul 2,000 pounds of materials, tools and supplies in the hydraulic dump cargo box (Toolcat 5600 only) and unload in just seconds, without leaving the cab and without shoveling. When you want to transport bulky equipment, remove the Toolcat 5600’s cargo box side panels and it becomes a flatbed.

5600 Toolcat utility work machine with hitch attaching to a trailer.
5610 Toolcat utility work machine with grapple utility fork attachment.

Lift like a loader.

Lift 1,500 pounds 7 feet high with the front-mounted lift arm. Toolcat utility work machines offer the tough durability of a skid-steer loader with more versatility, superior suspension and incredible operator comfort.

Both models have auxiliary hydraulics so you can take on many of the same jobs as a skid-steer loader. Optional high-flow hydraulics allow you to operate attachments even more efficiently. The passenger seat allows you to save time and gas/fuel by not having to drive a second vehicle to two-person jobs.

Tow like a tractor.

The Toolcat 5610 offers even more ways to transform the way you work. It unites lifting, towing and attachment capabilities with options for 3-point hitch, rear PTO and rear remote hydraulics. Blow snow, then blade the tight corners. Sweep, then blow leaves or debris. Easily transition between jobs - or finish two tasks in one pass.

Toolcat utility work machines give you a direct, comfortable view of your work. Tackle jobs with the front-mounted attachments. Plus, you can change the attachments in less than a minute - no tools required. It’s easy to operate because the cab is intuitively designed and mimics driving a car. Operators unfamiliar with running a skid-steer or compact tractor find Toolcat utility work machines easy to operate and use. They even come with cruise control for long trips or for big mowing jobs.

3-point adapter on 5610 Toolcat utility work machine.
5600 Toolcat utility work machine being used inside a barn to haul sawdust.

Work like a UTV.

Lift, dump and level ground. You’ll enjoy the comfortable ride because of the advanced suspension system, adjustable seats, tilt steering and comfort cab features and options like an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning to keep you comfortable year-round. The more than 35 attachments add versatility. You can buy the attachments you use most and rent others for one-time jobs. With lifting, hauling and towing capabilities plus easy-to-change front-mounted attachments, the Toolcat 5600 will quickly become a versatile worker in your fleet or on your estate. Choose the Toolcat 5610 for front and rear work options - or the ability to perform two tasks at the same time.

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