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All-Wheel Steer Loader Attachment Versatility

Form a versatile team with your Bobcat® all-wheel steer loader and dozens of attachment options. Whether your work includes landscaping, industrial, paving, turf, utility or municipality tasks, you’ll find a Bobcat attachment for the job. We offer more attachments than any other manufacturer.

Adapt to changing customer needs and gain new customers by expanding your services. Use your equipment year-round, regardless of the season. Have a specialized, one-time project? Don’t forget your option to rent attachments from a local Bobcat dealer. Achieve results that equal – or surpass – a dedicated machine for a fraction of the investment.

All-Wheel Steer Loader Attachments

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Rely on High-Flow Power

Need more attachment power? The optional high-flow hydraulics improve the production of selected attachments such as a flail cutter, trencher, planer, and stump grinder and many others.

Easy, Clean Hydraulic Attachment Changes

Bobcat loaders come standard with a pressure release coupler block. This means you’ll secure and remove your attachment hydraulic hoses quickly with minimal effort.

Bob-Tach Mounting System 1 Bob-Tach Mounting System 2

The Industry's Best Mounting System

The standard Bob-Tach™ mounting system helps you change attachments in less than a minute. Quickly replace a bucket with a pallet fork, landscape rake, auger, grapple and other attachments. Bobcat Company developed the exclusive system more than 35 years ago.

Change Attachments in Seconds

Choose the Power Bob-Tach™ mounting system option and switch many of your attachments without leaving the cab.

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Loader Attachment

Precise Attachment Control

Control your attachment hydraulics with several exclusive Bobcat features.

  • Fingertip controls allow operators to control the machine and attachment simultaneously for easy, smooth operation.
  • The detent feature allows continuous attachment flow without having to hold down a separate switch.
  • Variable auxiliary feature allows you to manipulate attachment functions as fast or slow as you want for varying job requirements.

Attachment Control Kit

Forget about buying special control boxes and other gadgets to operate your attachments. The Bobcat 7-pin attachment control kit puts control of any attachment at your fingertips and allows you to operate several attachment functions at the same time.

Speed Management

When you match travel speed with the job requirements, you can maximize your attachment performance. Speed Management allows you to "dial in" the required travel speed. It decreases the chances of stalling the machine, reduces fuel consumption and helps you reach top productivity – even when your attachment requires slower travel speeds. Speed Management is available on loaders equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls.

Unmatched Design and Quality

Genuine Bobcat attachments are designed from the ground up. Here's what sets them apart from the rest:

  • Bobcat attachments are backed by customer research, state-of-the-art design methods, rigorous testing and quality manufacturing.
  • Bobcat ensures that each attachment delivers peak performance with your Bobcat machine.
  • Designs are created with computer-aided software, allowing design tolerances up to five thousandths of an inch. Moving parts fit together precisely for smooth, long-lasting operation that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Bobcat performs extensive analysis on metal strength, hardware and welded areas.
  • Attachment prototypes are tested under real-world conditions, and components are tested further for strength, integrity and durability.