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All-Wheel Steer Efficiency + Skid-Steer Agility

Bobcat® all-wheel steer loaders deliver low-impact, versatile performance. With the flip of a switch, choose all-wheel steer mode or skid-steer mode to match the job requirements. With two machines in one, you may even be able to downsize your equipment fleet.

Roller Suspension

Two Steering Modes

Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders have four steerable axles for less tire wear and ground disturbance. The inside tires turn at a different angle and speed than the outside tires to provide precise steering and coordinated action. The left and right tires work together to minimize surface damage and reduce tire wear.

In skid-steer mode, the left-side wheels work independently of the right-side wheels, which allows the loader to counter-rotate for maximum maneuverability.

Landscapers and nursery owners use all-wheel steer loaders to minimize ground disturbance when they transport sod, mulch and plants, or drive over pavers. Asphalt and paving contractors will realize a cost savings in tires. All-wheel steer loaders are also cost-effective for construction, industrial, utility and municipal applications.

Roller Suspension

Less Ground Disturbance

Get smoother results when you transport pavers, dirt, sod and other materials.

Operators choose the A770 for its ability to carry loads and minimize hand labor on sensitive terrain. You’ll decrease expensive, time-consuming repairs caused by scarring and scuffing on pavement, streets, paver patios and other surfaces.

In all-wheel steer mode, the A770 minimizes surface disruption and leaves no black marks on concrete. The turf-friendly tires are easy on sprinkler heads and established lawns. Landscapers and nursery operators transport pallets of sod, plants and other materials with less damage and ruts. Buildings and grounds crews get back to work faster after heavy rainfall.

Roller Suspension

Increased Tire Life

Tire wear is significantly reduced when you operate in all-wheel steer mode. The original tires on all-wheel steer loaders frequently last longer, and replacement tires are purchased less often compared to skid-steer loaders. Less tire wear decreases replacement costs, especially for landscape, construction or asphalt and paving contractors that frequently operate on asphalt or concrete.

Faster Speeds, Smoother Ride

When you have a large jobsite, minimizing travel time is important. The 2-speed travel increases your top travel speed by 50% or more. During the offseason, use your all-wheel steer loader for faster snow removal on parking lots, long sidewalks and roads. All-wheel steer mode offers a smoother ride when you turn corners, increasing your comfort during long days.