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Productive, Profitable All-Wheel Steer Loader Uptime

Bobcat® all-wheel steer loaders share the reliability and steady performance of our skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders. Count on Bobcat compact equipment for productive, profitable work.

Maintenance-Free Chaincase

Bobcat offers the best chaincase in the industry. The large (120#) chains are virtually maintenance-free and never need adjustments. Protected axle seals never need greasing.

Better Undercarriage Design

The keel-shaped undercarriage on Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders provides higher ground clearance for maneuvering through obstructions and soft conditions. The design sheds debris to the outside, reducing the chance of becoming stuck. Competitive models feature a flat bottom that leads to more frequent hang-ups.

Smart Cooling

The Bobcat smart cooling system provides quieter operation, reduced maintenance and longer durability:

Quieter Operation

The Bobcat SmartFAN senses the machine temperature and spins only as fast as needed, reducing noise levels by up to 30% over other cooling fans. The quieter operation makes it easier to communicate with coworkers outside the machine. The SmartFAN also uses less power and offers better cooling in extreme conditions without overheating.

More Efficient Cooling

The exclusive Bobcat dual path cooling system brings clean, cool air from above, through the engine and hydraulic coolers, mixes it with engine compartment air, then exhausts it out two side vents. The system keeps hot air away from the operator while providing efficient cooling and cleaner engine components.

Protected Cooling Location

The radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are well-protected between the frame uprights. In addition, the hot radiator doesn’t interfere with the engine oil drain, oil fill, oil filter, air cleaner, battery and other routine maintenance areas. On other loaders, the radiator and oil cooler are inside the tailgate, which makes them vulnerable to damage from rebar, sticks and other debris.

Superior Lift Arm Design

For top durability, the patented Bobcat lift arm design reduces side-to-side movements and lessens the load on pins. The lift arms keep each pin at each pivot point within the same plane. Unlike competitive models, pins are supported on both sides instead of only one.

The lift arms continually remain within the back of the loader to avoid damage to the loader or your surroundings. To minimize snag points, the hoses are routed through the loader arms and frame uprights.

Vertical Lift Path

Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders feature a vertical lift path that delivers outstanding lift height, reach, dump angle and excellent visibility. Clear high-sided truck boxes or hoppers and safely lift more than radius lift path models. With a longer wheelbase, vertical lift path machines offer a smoother ride.

Shutdown Symbol

Machine Shutdown Protection

As you focus on your work, the machine shutdown protection monitors engine coolant temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and other vital machine functions. The system provides an audible alert and warning message if a monitored function falls outside its normal operating range. To prevent severe failure, the system will shutdown the machine if necessary. Machine shutdown protection is standard on Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders.

Self Diagnostics

On-board diagnostics provide important information on 14 key machine functions. With downloadable machine performance history, the system simplifies troubleshooting and even prevents some issues before they occur.

Deluxe Instrumentation

Deluxe Instrumentation and Theft Protection

For additional monitoring and theft-prevention measures, add Deluxe Instrumentation to your Bobcat all-wheel steer loader:

  • The Keyless Start Security System adds protection and eliminates lost keys. Lock and unlock the machine with up to eight customizable security codes.
  • Deluxe Instrumentation includes multi-language capabilities for machine functions and warnings. Spanish, English and French are among the seven available languages.
  • Function lockouts protect the machine and operators. To prevent misuse or damage, you may lock out certain machine functions such as high flow hydraulics.
  • Additional features include a digital time clock, hour meter, attachment controls help menu and password settings.