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Unrivaled All-Wheel Steer Loader Serviceability

No other loader matches the serviceability of Bobcat® all-wheel steer loaders. You receive easy, full access to the engine’s checks and fills, filters and battery. Unlike other brands, the lift arms do not need to be raised to service the machine. Shop time is spent completing the maintenance work, not gaining access.

Easy Access

One-sided serviceability is achieved through the swing-open tailgate and transversely-mounted engine. Your daily checkpoints – including engine fluids and filters, air cleaner, battery and other components – are within easy reach.

The hydrostatic and hydraulic components are accessible in minutes by removing two nuts and tipping the cab. No special tools are required. Oil cooler and radiator components are accessible for cleaning.

Protective Tailgate

The one-piece protective tailgate is solid-steel for maximum durability. It has no cooling holes, slots or other openings.

Top Engine Access

Bobcat loader hydraulics are powered by the exclusive belt drive system that allows the pump to turn faster than the engine. Since the engine is transversely-mounted, you receive one-side serviceability of all routine maintenance points. The engine runs quieter, with a longer service life. The spring-loaded idlers maintain belt tension with minimal maintenance.