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Mini Track Loader or Small Skid-Steer?

How should you compare Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and mini track loaders? The smallest models in each product line are 36 inches wide, which allows you to fit through a gate. They also share attachments. Let's compare the two loader types.

Tires or Tracks

MT52 - Mini track loader

Mini track loader

While tires are less expensive, the tracked undercarriage of mini track loaders offers several advantages. The tracks distribute the loader's weight, reducing ground pressure to just 5.2 psi for the MT52 mini track loader and 4.1 psi for the MT55.

The weight distribution minimizes damage to lawns and other surfaces, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming worksite repairs after a job is completed. Mini track loaders provide improved traction in loose or soft conditions and, of course, no flat tires.

Sit or Stand

MT52 - Mini track loader

Mini track loader

When you operate a machine all day, it's more comfortable to sit down. At the same time, consider how often you or your operators get off the machine to complete other tasks. If you frequently need to exit the machine, it's quicker to step off the mini track loader platform than to climb out of a skid-steer loader cab.

Other factors to consider when comparing a Bobcat mini track loader with a smaller-size skid-steer loader:

  • Visibility: Although Bobcat skid-steer loaders have excellent all-around visibility, there's no cab on a mini track loader.
  • Winter use: At times, tough conditions demand the comfort of an enclosed cab. For example, the enclosed cab and heat available on a skid-steer loader is a definite advantage for snow removal.